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Business Overview

Cloud-based Pharmacy Management System_4.3

Business Overview

The client is a leading US provider of long-term care, healthcare, and pharmacy software solutions. The company’s mission is to improve healthcare by strengthening the role of independent pharmaceutical organizations and providing affordable and high-quality specialized software. The client’s flagship software allows for managing patient information, orders, pharmaceutical product delivery, billing, and electronic prescriptions.

The client approached NIX to rapidly expand development capabilities with a full-scale team consisting of a solution architect, business analyst, and engineers.

Project Scope

Initially, the assembled NIX team was responsible for enhancing the legacy desktop application for pharmacy management and support of several client products. Throughout the development process, we established ourselves as adept vendor capable of solving complex problems. So the client initiated an expansion, and the team doubled in size over the next few months to speed up time-to-market.

Our solution architect started by conducting an in-depth audit of the existing app that was challenging to update due to its monolithic architecture and required too many resources for maintenance. 

After comparing the cost of further maintenance vs. developing a new solution—it was chosen to develop a new platform for pharmacy management from scratch to provide a more scalable, future-proof, and modern system for the end users. 

The scope for the NIX team contained the following objectives:

  • Developing a new platform for pharmacy management from scratch
  • Maintaining and enhancing other client’s products, as well as developing new ones


The NIX team mainly focused on building a new web platform for pharmacy management. After thorough research, our solution architect composed a holistic project design with the client’s team considering all the pros, cons, budget estimates, and risks. Then, we kicked off the development of a web platform with a microservice-based architecture that supports a high load and will be easily scalable in the future.

The developed cloud-based system streamlines drug dispensing, medical claims management, and patient medication adherence workflows. This improves operational efficiency, leverages actionable data points, and reduces compliance risks.

To ease up the orchestrating of the multi-cloud environments for different customers, we used Terraform. This cloud-agnostic tool helps manage the entire IT ecosystem via infrastructure as a code (IaC), whether it’s a single cloud, multi-cloud, or custom deployment. For communications, we chose Apache Kafka—the most suitable high-throughput solution for enterprises that allows handling real-time data feeds. As for instant data capturing, we used Debezium along with Kafka for data capture and transfer between microservices and Keycloak for secure access management for all user roles.

The platform can support high loads and process more than 5K orders within 5 seconds, is significantly faster than the desktop app, and has an easy-to-use UI. This allowed the client to move existing customers to the new platform smoothly and acquire new ones.

NIX team also delivered the following solutions:

  • Web App for Processing Payments
  • Mobile App for Tracking Pharmacy Goods Shipping
  • Data Engineering Solution
  • Power BI Solution for Self-service Analytics


Cloud-based Pharmacy Management System_4.2


Working side by side with the client, we built a new microservice-based platform for pharmacy management from scratch that covers the whole workflow—pharmacy ordering, validation, stock management, and transportation. The platform can support high loads and process more than 5K orders within 5 seconds, resulting in a smooth user experience. The developed platform is a future-proof solution, as the number of clients will not affect performance, and there will be no need to modernize.

As a part of the scope, we also developed a web application for processing medical payments and a mobile app for pharmacy delivery tracking. On top of that, the NIX team implemented data engineering and BI solutions that tremendously contribute to predictive analytics and client team productivity.


75 experts (3 Tech Leads, Solution Architect, 34 .NET Developers, 8 Data Engineers, 8 Angular Developers, 20 QA Manual and Automation Engineers, Markup Developer)


Tech Stack:

Python, Angular, .NET

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