CogX 2020: NIX Exhibited at a Large Online Event

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On June 8th – 10th, 2020, NIX exhibited at a large tech event dedicated to AI, Data Science, and other groundbreaking technology. The conference took place online at the official CogX website. CogX Conference 2020: NIX exhibited at the Virtual Conference CogX is the biggest, most inclusive and forward-thinking event in a world of cutting-edge technologies. The event focused on various issues central to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and their abilities to resolve the challenges of modern times. The event gathered leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers, artists, academics, and activists of its kind – addressing the question, “How do we get the next 10 years right?”. The event was attended by 44,000 people and more than 1200 speakers gave presentations. NIX participated as a technology expert, sharing experience in Data Science, and developing AI solutions for numerous purposes within different industries. The team made nine substantial presentations at the e-booth in the format of webinars. On the first day, our experts held 3 sessions:
  1. Virtual Assistants: Workshop Session with Cognitive Experts
  2. Natural Language Understanding: Workshop Session with Cognitive Experts
  3. Sentiment Analysis: Workshop Session with Cognitive Experts
On the second day another 3 sessions:
  1. Predictive analytics: Workshop Session with ML Experts
  2. Customer analytics: Workshop Session with ML Experts
  3. Object Detection and Classification: Workshop Session with Computer Vision Experts
On the last day 3 more:
  1. Selecting a Toolset for Your Data Pipeline
  2. AI Infrastructure: Picking the Right Set for Your Business
  3. Cloud Agnostic Architecture: Pros and Cons
Soon we will start sharing recorded workshops in our social media accounts with those who couldn’t attend the conference. This was our first experience exhibiting at the virtual summit, and we are very satisfied with the results. The team managed to make more than thousand of new connections, and the Senior Business Analyst at NIX, Evgeniy Rudenko, won a conference award ‘CognitionX Knowledge Expert.’ Congratulations to Evgeniy! CogX Conference 2020: NIX exhibited at the Virtual Conference Many thanks to everybody who expressed their interest in our activity. We are happy to continue the conversation with anyone looking to collaborate with us. Contact us today, and we will discuss all possibilities.