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Business Intelligence in a Nutshell

Business intelligence (BI) leverages software to transform huge volumes of raw data into valuable information and help organizations make reasonable choices, grounded decisions, and define priorities. Robust BI solutions employ business analysis, data mining, data visualization, and sophisticated data analytics technologies to spot market trends, provide market benchmarks, optimization possibilities, and unfold growth opportunities.

How BI Solutions Boost Performance and Growth

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    Measure and keep track of everything

    Capture and analyze your organization’s online and offline data streams in real-time via a single environment. Using data visualization, tailored dashboards, you can decompose complex goals, and shift employees’ focus on determinants that drive tangible results.

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    Business insight mining

    Analyze and benchmark organization operations, identify patterns, unobvious correlations, understand reasons for your ups and downs, reveal opportunities and threats. Through comprehensive data analytics, you can gather actionable insights on customer behavior, employees’ performance, suppliers, and partners interactions.

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    Trends capturing and forecasting

    Analyze historical and real-time data simultaneously for better estimation, resource planning, and rapid response to changing market conditions. In contrast to traditional analysis approaches, intelligent data analytics has much higher accuracy and faster response time which enriches you with up-to-date insights when relevant and applicable.

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    Self-service business intelligence

    Access data even without a tech background and create visually rich dashboards, insightful reports, custom alerts to detect anomalies and spot trends. Having quick access to up-to-date data in one place enables employees to use BI daily, make educated guesses, reduce time-to-insight, and eliminate IT or data analyst bottlenecks.

How We Can Help

  • Business Intelligence implementation

    Implementation or migration to a scalable and robust business intelligence solution that covers organizations data needs and operational challenges. BI systems act as unified sources of company data with integrated performance tracking, automated reporting, KPIs monitoring, and notifications to keep all employees on the same page and result-oriented.

  • Enterprise BI systems development

    Building sustainable infrastructure around BI solutions, integrating data warehouses, establishing ETL pipelines for data storing and preparation. Embedding a BI functionality into desktop, cloud, web, mobile apps, and other systems. So, you get a complex and autonomous BI ecosystem specifically tailored to your company’s needs and industry peculiarities.

  • Modernization of the BI software

    Auditing and upgrading your existing solution with new data sources and formats, new capabilities, sophisticated data storages, and top-notch functionality. As a result, you receive accelerated data processing, more accurate business insights, better business overview, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved internal data democratisation.

  • Digital products analytics

    Development of comprehensive analytics solutions to better understand how the users interact with your digital product or service. Visualisation and analysis of behavioural data helps your team not only accurately calculate LTV and customer churn, but also identify impactful opportunities, optimise every step of your customer journey, and improve client retention.

Our Business Intelligence Services


End-to-end business intelligence product development

We bring our profound expertise to handle all aspects of the BI development lifecycle—from the requirements stage to launch, maintenance and a market-ready business intelligence solution.


Expand the in-house business intelligence capabilities

We assemble a turn-key BI development team that strengthens your capacity, accelerates development, and shortens the payback time of the business intelligence solutions.


BI consulting on technology and architecture

We use in-depth knowledge and business intelligence technology know-how to help you determine the most relevant approach, tools, and tech stack to meet your specific organization needs.

Business Intelligence Solutions for Industries



  • Consumer segmentation 
  • Fast-track reporting and insight mining
  • Visualization of marketing expenses and returns
  • Trend detection in customer behavior
  • Consumption patterns analysis
  • Demand forecasting
  • Customer retention and churn rate monitoring



  • P&L in-depth analysis and benchmarking
  • KPI and performance visualization
  • Detection of income trends and sentiment analysis
  • Risk management and clients profitability analysis
  • Expense and investment strategy analysis
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting



  • Patient demographics analysis
  • Personalization and patient needs prediction
  • Patient care performance analysis
  • Analysis of medical device data 
  • Data-based provider alert and patient notifications
  • Analysis of medicine administration

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail & Ecommerce

  • Client segmentation and service personalisation
  • RFM-analysis and client preferences tracking
  • Smart SKU management and inventory analysis
  • KPI reporting and sales personnel performance tracking
  • Demand prediction, trend and seasonality analysis



  • Student success analysis and educational planning
  • Behavioral analysis, e.g. attendance and discipline
  • Budget efficiency analysis
  • Learning material demand and analytics
  • Educators’ academic load and performance tracking
  • Room occupancy and inventory planning



  • Digital customer journey mapping
  • LTV, retention and churn rate analysis
  • Cohort analysis
  • Users classification and segmentation
  • Spotting insights into how users use software and trends in their preferences
  • Mining of data-driven ideas for A/B testing

Business Intelligence Development Process


Objectives and requirements

Our business intelligence consulting team delves into operational processes, data workflows, and organization structures to identify the BI system’s goals and use cases.


Solution design and tech stack

Based on the requirements, we draft a BI solution including architecture design, technology stack, necessary tools and 3rd-party integrations, custom elements, and how all the components interact.


Integration with data sources and storages

Our BI services experts analyze available data sources and formats, design APIs to obtain information and integrate it into the ETL workflow.


BI system architecture and development

Our team develops logical and physical architecture for data analytics, develops data visualisation interfaces and dashboards.


Integration in business and ongoing improvements

We smoothly incorporate a BI solution into your business environment, ensuring its performance, security, accuracy and perform system’s improvements if necessary.

Client Testimonials

More than half of our clients recommend NIX to colleagues and friends. Another half chose NIX by a recommendation. This is why client feedback and satisfaction are our #1 priorities.


Noam Shalit

COO at SafeRide Technologies Ltd

“The team is experienced and professional”
We cooperate really well with them, and they make adjustments so we don’t have any complaints. The original project was successful, so they’ve extended the partnership. Headed by a knowledgeable project lead, the team is experienced and professional. NIX delivered everything on time and was always in contact with their partner. Offering a superior customer experience, they’re recommended.

Craig Burris

Director of Operations at CarSoup

“It is hard to impress me, and NIX kept me happy”
There is no recommendation that is more powerful. NIX’s expert team built a new system that increased potential customer traffic and improved performance. Their transparent workflow allowed for consistent communication and quick correction of problems when they arose. They also adjusted their processes to mitigate time-difference concerns.

Eric Spear

SVP of Engineering at Cengage

“Delivering high-quality code”
With NIX, I have broken some of my own rules of team composition with respect to the ratio of FTE and 3rd party engineers. I have some teams that are more than 50% NIX because the code coverage, quality, and velocity coming out from the NIX developers are very good. Delivering high quality code in a predictable manner has built trust and confidence with my management/full-time employees.

Steve Berardelli

Sr. Director of Engineering for MindTap

“NIX is doing an amazing job”
NIX team contributed a lot to the process improvements for code deployment practices. So not only we write clean/stable code now but also, we are able to deploy it a lot more successfully and faster. We have a better strategy for our branch cutting and code repositories. It takes much less time to deploy code now with a higher level of stability. NIX team also contributed their ideas and views on how we can break up work among team members more effectively.

Mark DeJarnatt

Chief Technology Officer at Sparkle Stories LLC

“Quickly and professionally”
I have used NIX for 3 different companies over the past 3 years that I have been CTO of. Projects have spanned a wide variety of technology stacks. Nix has come through each time with the right project manager, quality assurance, business analyst, DevOps, and developers. They quickly and professionally get up to speed with our current processes and seamlessly merge with any professional environment.

Jeremy Reither

Consultant & Advisor at DemandSide

“CMS team are my go-to partners for web dev”
I’ve been working with these guys for years now – particularly their CMS team. The relationship has been very positive, and they continue to do great work for me. I first hired NIX around 2008 to re-build a website that was built (poorly) by another agency. NIX solved that problem and has helped me build and launch multiple products since then. Roman and his CMS team are my go-to partners for web dev.

BI Solutions & Data Analytics Technology Stack

Meet Our AI Solutions Leaders

Eugene Rudenko
Eugene Rudenko Applied AI & Data Science Solutions Consultant

Eugene is a data engineering solutions expert and big data management consultant with more than 10 years of experience in business consulting for top-tier international technology companies.

Max Ushchenko
Max Ushchenko Big Data & Data Science Practice Leader

Max is our senior practice leader and evangelist for the “big triad” of machine learning, data analytics and data engineering, with a vast background in AI, BI services, and product management.

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