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Full Range of Customization and Integration Services

NIX offers a full range of IT integration services associated with CRM and cloud computing systems. These services provide our clients with new competitive edges, help to automate business processes, and decrease operational costs.

As a result this has proven to increase overall business efficiency and income. Our engineers have provided hundreds of successful cloud and on-premise CRM solutions.

We’ve deployed and configured data sharing with other enterprise systems such as ERP, interaction with third-party applications and services, IoT devices, and AI integration.

Regarding cloud solutions, we’ve worked with the AWS and Azure platforms for 10 years and Google cloud platform (GCP) since its launch. Using this experience, we create specific solutions for our clients, which solve their business challenges without paying extra for unneeded features.

Cloud-based IT Integration and Maintenance Services

NIX engineers provide a full range of services based on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud computing platforms. We develop secure and interoperable cloud solutions that provide your business with all benefits of cloud integration systems.

Cloud Integration Benefits

  • 01

    Improved operational efficiency

  • 02

    Increased flexibility and scalability

  • 03

    Quicker time-to-market

  • 04

    Better internal communication

  • 05

    Improved customer service, support, and retention

  • 06

    Increased competitive edge

  • 07

    Reduced operational costs and increased revenue


Cloud Integration Services

NIX engineers follow an end-to-end approach, providing IT integration services in the cloud. We have broad expertise in using most products offered by cloud platforms. This allows us to assist you, starting from the selection of the most appropriate cloud platform to the configuration of data, app integration, data management, and 24-hour support for your system.

  • Design and development of cloud applications architecture
  • Design and implementation of cloud infrastructure
  • Security management
  • Migration to the cloud, including PaaS, Saas, and hybrid solutions
  • Modernization of monolithic systems into service-oriented solutions
  • Building applications with serverless architectures
  • CI/CD implementation, transformation, automatization and maintenance
  • Data management (Data warehousing, ETL, Persistence, Security) Support 24-7-365
  • Choosing an optimal platform and the cost-effective types of offers based on clients’ business and technical needs

CRM Integration

Our IT system integration services include implementation and customization of different CRM systems. NIX engineers help you customize features according to your business goals and requirements, configure interaction with an existing enterprise system and external services, and help your employees adapt to innovations and utilize their full potential.

CRM implementation serves as a powerful tool boosting company’s capabilities. It can enhance operational, analytical, and collaborative tasks, making business management sharp and efficient.

  • Improved informational organization
  • Enhanced communication among departments
  • More satisfied customers
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Improved data analytics
  • Detailed reporting
  • Accurate planning

Salesforce Consulting and Development Services

NIX is a Salesforce ISV Partner. Our engineers can handle any Salesforce-related challenge, from defining how a CRM can empower your business to custom application development solutions and integration with other platforms in your company.

CRM Integration

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Xero SugarCRM
  • Zendesk

Full Set of CRM Professional

  • Consulting
  • Customization and configuration
  • Integration
  • Development

Our Recognitions

Success stories

We really care about project success. At the end of the day, happy clients watching how their application is making the end user’s experience and life better are the things that matter.

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FAQ on Enterprise IT Integration and Customization Services


Why should a company use CRM software?

CRM development services all-sized businesses in different fields, for example:

  • Integration of all channels for receiving applications—you do not lose a single application either from your website, social networks, or phone
  • Automation of business processes—you have no problems with the distribution of applications between managers, correspondence with clients, or sending them messages, invoices, or contracts. Implementing a CRM system accomplishes these tasks
  • Organization and control of sales. With the help of CRM development services, the management department will be able to select tasks to focus on and receive daily detailed reports


How long does it take to implement a CRM solution?

The integration of a CRM system with your business can take from 3 days to several months depending on the complexity of the project. The CRM development company conducts a detailed consultation, fills out a brief, and agrees on the project’s details with you. After the implementation of CRM, users are supported and, if necessary, trained to work in CRM.


What’s the difference between on-premise and cloud-based CRM?

On-premise CRM software is hosted on the company’s server. You must purchase any hardware needed, and the IT department must perform regular updates to keep the system up-to-date and secure. This can be a long, laborious, and expensive process depending on the size and structure of your company.

In contrast, cloud-based CRM systems store all customer data on remote servers. All maintenance is on their shoulders—you simply leverage their resources and deploy your business process on a readymade infrastructure.


Should I buy a CRM solution or build a customized one?

You do not have to wait until a ready-made CRM solution is developed, unlike a custom solution that needs to be created from scratch, which can take a long time. Also, ready-made CRM is much cheaper in the short term. But an important question is whether this system will meet the company’s business processes and expectations. The main advantage of a custom solution is that it was created specifically for your business processes. 

To install a ready-made CRM system, you also need services of CRM developer companies  that help to properly implement and customize this solution for your needs. 


Is a custom CRM solution accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, if a mobile application was developed as part of the creation of CRM. Mobile applications help facilitate user interaction, and the system takes care of the automation of workflows and ensures the integrity of data and its reliability for all CRM users including the management department, warehouse workers, salespeople, etc.

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