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NIX is a full-cycle software engineering company with in-depth expertise amassed during decades of completing 3000+ projects in a wide array of business verticals. We’ve unlocked new opportunities for companies scaling through digital transformation building disruptive, high-performance, and demanded tech solutions worldwide.

Our level of proficiency lets us take on projects of any complexity at any phase of its development—we create industry-specific software solutions from the ground up, enhance functionality of existing platforms by customizing them for definite needs, and take care of legacy systems. For us, it’s crucial to enable products to remain relevant and adaptive in the dynamic tech and business environment.

For this, our engineering team implements emerging technologies—cloud computing, AI, big data capabilities, business intelligence, IoT power, VR/AR environments, blockchain technology, etc.

We adhere the following principles to all types of software we develop:

  • 01

    Systems we build sustain all the industry-specific guidelines and regulatory standards including statutory, regulatory, and legal compliance obligations.

  • 02

    Security has prime importance—our experts ensure an enduring security base to prevent malicious intent. We utilize threat modeling, security testing, vulnerability disclosure programs, and blockchain technology in terms of its traceability
    and transparency.

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We develop software solutions within the following business domains
but are not limited to them:



NIX delivers upscale business- and patient-centric tech solutions for various medical facilities—clinics, research companies, private and public hospitals and hospital networks, healthcare centers, and laboratories.

We create software compliant with all industry-specific regulations like HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, etc. Industry software designed by us is attuned to level up patient care, digitize internal company processes for better outcomes, and accelerate wellness progress on a gross scale.

NIX can empower your business digitalization through:

  • Hospital management software
  • Automation software for healthcare providers
  • Health record software
  • Patient portals
  • e-Prescription software
  • Telemedicine and Telehealth
  • Clinical trial and research
  • Training and medical education platforms
  • New ways of treatment

Through decades of experience, our team has deeply encountered the specifics and sensitivities of the industry, knowing exactly which solutions are most effective and valuable for the client. Our competencies cover the full spectrum of healthcare software—from typical EHR platforms to innovative software engaged in new ways of treatment empowered with big data, AI, and IoT and extended reality capacities. Our solutions help companies to:

  • 1_[Healthcare]

    Streamline administrative and clinical flows

  • 2_[Healthcare]

    Automate laboratory processes

  • 3_[Healthcare]

    Minimize the probability of human errors and predict overload

  • 4_[Healthcare]

    Enhance patient management services

  • 5_[Healthcare]

    Bring telehealth features into care processes for efficient remote patient coordination and comprehensive medical personnel cooperation

  • 6

    Train medical personnel and educate patients through VR/AR simulations

No matter what area of healthcare services we touch, we always stick to our priorities—flawless tech operation of inner processes, responsive design for a smooth customer journey, compliance with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR, and the pervasive safety of all data and algorithms. Our team is enhanced with certificated HIPAA experts to provide secure solutions for medical companies.


Natalie Tkachenko

Healthcare Software Solutions Consultant

Natalie is a HIPAA-certified expert with high-grade knowledge in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with 5+ years of experience. She helps medical companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, get the most valuable tech solutions for fundamental digital reinforcement in patient care, automation of operational processes, and overall business progress.




NIX creates dedicated software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, reaching out to all drug development life cycle stages—from drug discovery and manufacturing to pharmaceutical commercialization.

Our team covers specific needs of pharmaceutical developers, scientists, manufacturers, raw material suppliers, drug stores,
and wholesalers.

We engineer the following types of solutions:

  • Preclinical/ clinical trial management software
  • Pharma manufacturing and commercialization software
  • Pharma distribution software
  • Pharma sales & marketing software

We can reinforce pharmaceutical providers with a set of tech solutions that enhance operational efficiency giving a new edge to pharma digitalization along with data safety within HIPAA compliance. According to set goals, our experts provide
high-end solutions to:

  • 1_[Pharmaceutical]

    Facilitate the invention and validation of new medical products and services

  • 2_[Pharmaceutical]

    Automate routine tasks through intelligent data processing

  • 3_[Pharmaceutical]

    Streamline patient enrollment and optimize R&D operations for clinical trials

  • 4_[Pharmaceutical]

    Automate drug asset management

  • 5_[Pharmaceutical]

    Track sensitive manufacturing operations—compliance, expiry management, formulation, etc.

  • 6_[Pharmaceutical]

    Scale up operations while reducing spending through ERP solutions

  • 7_[Pharmaceutical]

    Accelerate processes of bringing new drugs to market

  • 8_[Pharmaceutical]

    Refine maintenance quality management

  • 9_[Pharmaceutical]

    Create coordinated customer management systems for drug commercialization

  • 10_[Pharmaceutical]

    Reorganize distribution chains

  • 11_[Pharmaceutical]

    Consolidate marketing and sales workflows into a single platform

To endow pharmaceutical systems with powerful abilities, the team uses a vigorous arsenal of technologies to provide you with needed software capabilities and upgrade them to the next level. Big data and analytics are used for efficient data processing, real-time monitoring, identifying crucial points hidden within large amounts of data, and deriving rundown values.


We implement AI features for screening of drug compounds, predictive forecasting, and behavioral modification revealing. Empowering industry software with IoT technology is used for constant tracking of health conditions during clinical trials, drug usage checking, dynamic acquisition and processing of data for health reporting, logistics visibility, smart warehousing, and advanced equipment maintenance.


Natalie Tkachenko

Pharmaceutical Software Solutions Consultant

Natalie is a HIPAA-certified expert with deep knowledge in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. For 5+ years she has been helping pharmaceutical companies achieve tech-enabled transformation in terms of quality, data safety, and operational enhancement so that clients can seamlessly outpace the competition.




Over years of practice, NIX has collected huge experience to bring tangible results for companies from any insurance sector, including health, life, vehicle, travel, and property insurance.

Knowing the ins and outs of the niche and mastering a broad set of technologies lets us engineer high-performance and user-centric products, customize consumers’ experience, empower workflows, and decrease operational expenses when widening the selling radius. Sensitive data within provided software is protected as certified experts ensure the systems meet HIPAA compliance.

NIX develops competitive software to meet the market demands:

  • Insurance workflow automation software
  • Policy management software
  • Underwriting software
  • Claims and risk management software
  • Document management software
  • Mobile apps for field agents and reps
  • Agency portals

We help insurance companies automate routine processes—thereby increasing work efficiency and saving costs—provide better user expertise, bring advanced analytics for risk management, and more. Software created by our team facilitates improvements through:

  • 1_[Insurance]

    Claim processing and policy management automation

  • 2_[Insurance]

    Accurate risk assessment

  • 3_[Insurance]

    Advanced analytical data system setup

  • 4_[Insurance]

    Claim fraud detection

  • 5_[Insurance]

    Connecting systems with CRM, ERP, CMS, PMS, and NIPR to make them versatile

For enhancement, we adopt data science, business intelligence, and IoT technology features to extend the capacity of back and front insurance office systems. It is also crucial to make software customer-oriented and personalized, which is especially relevant for insurance pricing, claim processing, and support—to meet this need, our team develops AI-powered solutions.


Danil Lisikh

Insurance Software Solutions Consultant

With great care and commitment, Danil assists insurance firms with their smooth transitions to the digital realm and timely responses to evolving market dynamics. Having 6+ years of experience, he offers best-fitting solutions for your business needs, optimizing workflows, elevating customer experiences, driving operational excellence, and establishing a superior market position.

Financial and Banking


The NIX team helps financial and banking companies overcome tech obstacles and business barriers to benefit from digital capabilities, developing high-grade tech products which stand out from the crowd. We merge our engineering skills and most suitable vertical-specific software development experience for your commercial success along with increasing customer engagement.

Our team builds these top-line tech solutions that fit your business:

  • Banking software
  • Bookkeeping & tax management software
  • Personal finance apps
  • Money lending apps
  • Investment apps
  • Financial forecasting software
  • Retirement planning software
  • Mobile payments and wallets
  • Payment gateways
  • Crowdfunding platforms

For top-notch business scalability and functionality, we
apply the power of the latest technologies like AI to get smart financial projections, instant data processing and analyzing, and personalized communication with customers via chatbots. We build advanced financial and banking software for:

  • 1_[Financial and 

    Coherent management of accounting, profitability, taxation, and budgeting

  • 2_[Financial and 

    Optimization of internal workflows to reduce costs and maximize returns

  • 3_[Financial and 

    Relieving the burden on staff by automation of repetitive tasks

  • 4_[Financial and 

    Ensuring smooth real-time payments and P2P transactions

  • 5_[Financial and 

    Real-time report generation augmented with predictive analytics

  • 6_[Financial and 

    Bridging staff and customers for seamless communication

  • 7_[Financial and 

    Enhancing security of sensitive financial records

All data and processes are compliant with industry-specific regulations like AML, KYL, PCI DSS, ePR, and others. Our main goal is to set up a seamless tech journey yielding considerable results for our clients’ business.


Roman Tyzhnenko

Financial and Banking Software Solutions Consultant

Combining tech knowledge with 11+ years of banking experience, Roman excels in assisting businesses with understanding digital opportunities and ways to implement them. He finds multiple ways to overcome FinTech challenges, suggesting best-fitting impactful solutions that help businesses grow and achieve their goals.



We develop game-changing software for private and public educational institutions from K–12 establishments to universities, allowing them to educate people more efficiently. Our tech solutions make learning processes easier for educators, accessible and more interactive for students and staff, and cost-effective for business.

The purpose is to revamp learning performance, accelerate the training pace, and increase engagement of students and employees in educational processes.

NIX can reinforce your business with the help of:

  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Video streaming platforms for education
  • Student software
  • Authoring and utility systems for teachers
  • Corporate learning systems
  • Simulation software

The NIX team drills into specifics of the educational niche to achieve secure and ESEA-, HECA-, and WIOA-compliant solutions, leading our clients to strong growth. We help clients beat competitors’ rates through:

  • 1_[Education]

    Developing high-end functionality for LMS

  • 2_[Education]

    Establishing effective staff and onboarding administration

  • 3_[Education]

    Reducing routine workload by automating business processes

  • 4_[Education]

    Transferring traditional content to cloud libraries smoothly

  • 5_[Education]

    Providing robust compatibility with business applications like ERP, CMS, and CRM

To enrich the learning experience, we utilize responsive interfaces, personalization, and full-fledged support of multimedia records, streaming and live broadcasting capabilities, and social media linking.

Moreover, to cater to all the market needs, our experts implement disruptive industry solutions—adding interactivity to educational flow deploying AR and VR, fueling personalization, and enabling predictive learning analytics driven by AI and ML. We know what type of software is needed to whet customers’ interest in online learning and make it enjoyable.


Artem Sotnyk

Education Software Solutions Consultant

With a considerable background in supervising international educational projects, Artem deftly provides clients with strategies and tech solutions opportunities, boosting companies with supercharging digital input and routing them to new heights.

Success Stories

Client Testimonials


Buzz Sharifi

Account Manager at TransGrade, CRM

“Extremely detailed, professional, attentive”
We’ve been working with NIX for over a year now and have nothing but good things to say about them and their talented pool of developers, staff members, and executives. They are extremely detailed, professional, attentive, and deliver top-quality work within the time estimates that they provide. What else can you ask for? I highly recommend NIX for all tech-related projects.

Christian Rohner

Project Manager at Information Products AG

“Quality of delivered work is outstanding”
Our company worked more than 5 years in total with NIX. Communication was always very clear and direct. Being a remote company, wasting time in communication is horrible, luckily with NIX, we experienced no delay or misunderstanding. Quality of delivered work is outstanding, all tasks prior to delivery were tested in detail, and bugs or mistakes were virtually non-existent.

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