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Managed IT Infrastructure services that Provide Your Business with Seven Nines Availability

NIX provides a full range of IT infrastructure services. For every project, our main goal is to empower you with the optimal infrastructure for your software with high-performance business storage, rock-solid security, a low-latency network, and 99.9% system uptime.

Whether you need to set up new infrastructure, manage an existing one, or migrate a legacy system into the cloud, our engineers help you deal with it, regardless of solution size and complexity.

When you rely on NIX, you leverage many years of experience of thousands of specialists with the highest achievement in the industry.

Our engineers are equally proficient at deploying multi-tiered Kubernetes-based platforms into the cloud, building CI/CD pipelines, and migrating an on-premise enterprise system into cloud-native architecture.

Our IT Infrastructure Services

  • IT Infrastructure Development

  • Infrastructure Migration Services

  • IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

We design, develop, and deploy IT infrastructures of any complexity for any business domain. No matter if it’s an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud solution, or on what architecture it’s built—monolith, microservers, or serverless—this solution will fully meet the requirements of your company and be future-proof and high-performing. We cover the entire life cycle from solution design to deployment of the system and subsequent IT infrastructure management services.

Our engineers provide services covering all migration options for IT infrastructure. They can move your system from on-premise hardware into the cloud, no matter if it’s private or public cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud. We additionally can provide you with infrastructure clustering, cross-hosting migration, data migration, or any other migration type. Even if it’s the opposite situation, and you need to migrate your data from the cloud to on-premise servers, our experts can address this issue, too.

Our engineers always help you find optimal solutions and address any issue with your IT infrastructure. Whether you want to future proof your growth or you have a system with performance issues, we can provide you with the solution, starting from auditing your backed and fronted servers and databases to revealing weak spots. If cloud infrastructure maintenance costs become too high, we audit all running services through the system and build an optimization plan.

When your system is outdated and needs a rebuild to stay efficient, our engineers do a comprehensive review and develop new components required to make your IT infrastructure a future-proof solution. Our consulting services also help you make your IT infrastructure compliant with industry or country-specific standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.

We also provide infrastructure migration consulting when you want to migrate your business into the cloud but are hesitant about where to start. Our experts help you choose an optimal cloud computing provider for business processes and build a strategy for a smooth transfer.


System administration

Our IT infrastructure support services focus on providing performance and fault-tolerant system work, minimizing downtime caused by troubleshooting, and reducing cost for issues removal. We provide Tier 2 in-depth technical support and Tier 3 expert product and service support. At NIX, IT infrastructure support provides 24x7x365 monitoring and troubleshooting, recurrent system checks and adjustments, high security maintenance, and backup management. In case of any troubles, our experts respond quickly and make every effort to solve problems as fast as possible. And, no matter where your company is located, in the USA, Europe, or any other time zone.

As a result, you reduce maintenance costs in the long term, as all system components are always up-to-date and can efficiently perform their functions. This approach to infrastructure management eliminates the possibility of your system becoming a legacy system, requiring an expensive upgrade of the entire system and related applications in the future.


We can build cloud-native applications, design and implement cloud infrastructure, modernize your monolithic system into service-based solutions, migrate, and much more. NIX  is a partner of three main cloud service providers—Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform—and can solve issues related to all their cloud computing services, including AI, IoT, and serverless applications.

Our team includes cloud architects who will build an app architecture using the most cost-effective services and technologies to cover the requirements of your project. Moreover, we have wide experience in using services of more specific platforms such as IBM Cloud, Salesforce’s Sale Cloud, etc. Our cloud engineers obtained numerous certifications, including the highest level of certificates, that recognized their expertise and top-tier quality of our cloud-based solutions.


Our DevOps practices and services like agility, automation, continuity, and governance allow you to improve any stage of your software life cycle. NIX’s entire range of how we can help you includes integration with the cloud, continuous integration and continuous delivery, containerization, DevSecOps, and ML Ops. With NIX you can automate and coordinate software development life cycle processes like deployment, security, development, and testing. Due to improved workflows, you cut unnecessary expenses, increase development team agility, and obtain better documentation and quality control.

Why Choose NIX

Keen to Success

Our experts thrive on contributing to clients’ business prosperity, not just performing tasks. They are heavily involved in the success of created products. Teams are ready to go the extra mile looking for optimal solutions and avoiding potential bottlenecks from technological and process angles. It’s one of the main reasons we are trusted by global enterprises.

Polished Processes

Working and communication processes, refined by years of experience, is what makes our development approach special. We can integrate with existing business processes or build it by ourselves, delivering transparent and continuous interaction, no matter the methodology you apply. Clients are always aware of the progress and costs and deadlines conformity.

Knowledge Transfer

We have a polished knowledge transfer process among in-house and client-side teams. All rotations, scheduled or unexpected, are frictionless for development progress and require no additional effort thanks to quick onboarding. All our clients receive detailed technical documentation for future development.

Proven Tech

We’ve founded an in-house R&D center, where engineers continually harness emerging technologies, and find out where and how cutting-edge innovations can bring value and benefit our clients.

Technology Stack

Success Stories

We really care about project success. At the end of the day, happy clients watching how their application is making the end user’s experience and life better are the things that matter.

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Alina is a business development manager with a wide range of managerial experience in different areas. And now, for more than five years, she has been helping businesses realize challenging projects on the edge of up-to-date technology with NIX.

IT Infrastructure Solution Consultant

Alina is a business development manager with a wide range of managerial experience in different areas. And now, for more than five years, she has been helping businesses realize challenging projects on the edge of up-to-date technology with NIX.

Dmitry has 15+ years of experience developing server and cloud architectures for all-sized businesses. Now, he leads a team of 100+ qualified engineers who help companies design, build, and maintain IT infrastructures worldwide.

Head of DevOps Department

Dmitry has 15+ years of experience developing server and cloud architectures for all-sized businesses. Now, he leads a team of 100+ qualified engineers who help companies design, build, and maintain IT infrastructures worldwide.


FAQ on IT Infrastructure Services


Who should support the IT infrastructure?

Typically, an administrator and a developer (optional) keep tabs on the managed IT infrastructure services, and as the system gets more complicated, the number of admins and/or developers can rise as well.

These functions can be performed either by in-house specialists or by an outsourced IT infrastructure support team. If you choose the latter, you don’t need to spend time searching and hiring, as you’ll almost certainly get highly qualified and certified professionals the next day. IT infrastructure support teams can also be combined when an in-house specialist performs system monitoring and, if necessary, turns to outsourced workers for help.


How do I migrate my on-premise infrastructure to the cloud?

There is no ideal structure for all businesses planning to migrate to the cloud, but there are 4 significant steps:

  1. Define the strategy and develop your business case, as you need to understand what your cloud requirements are.
  2. Analyze existing infrastructure, applications, and data to establish their current architecture and choose the appropriate ones to move.
  3. Based on the needs and the features of the current infrastructure, you need to choose a vendor.
  4. Specialists, specialized on infrastructure migration services, determine the correct migration flow, paying particular attention to data consistency, integrity, security, and performance.

Our services include infrastructure migration consulting if you need professional assistance with these issues.


How long does infrastructure migration take?

Several factors can impact an infrastructure migration’s completion time, including:

  • Data volume
  • Access to the current server
  • Server speed and internet connection
  • Software version
  • Type and infrastructure complexity

The migration time for regularly used e-mail, document management, and communication systems is 1-2 months. The same timeframes apply to migrating more complex server configurations and connecting data centers and networks to the cloud. This migration component will be performed separately from the system migration, so all of the above will take 4 months. You will also need to complete the testing of the system. IT infrastructure consulting services also can cover training your employees to work in the cloud environment.


What are the challenges of managing IT infrastructure?

The most frequent challenges encountered in IT infrastructure management are:

  1. Increasing complexity of infrastructure as the business grows 
  2. System integrity (making your system perform correctly according to the original specification of the system under various adversarial conditions)
  3. Data consistency (relevant for distributed systems)
  4. Security 
  5. Latency
  6. Scalability
  7. Availability (making sure the system is continually available around-the-clock, as required by the specifics of your business processes)

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