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Over years of practice, NIX has collected huge experience to bring tangible results for companies from any insurance sector, including health, life, vehicle, travel, and property insurance. We provide feature-rich solutions to enhance your claim management, risk analysis algorithms, documentation accessibility, and policy and security compliance, driving profits for business and improving relations with customers.

Knowing the ins and outs of the niche and mastering a broad set of technologies lets us engineer high-performance and user-centric products, customize consumers’ experience, empower workflows, and decrease operational expenses when widening the selling radius. Sensitive data within provided software is protected as certified experts ensure the systems meet HIPAA compliance.

NIX Develops Competitive Software to Meet the Market Demands:

  • Insurance workflow automation software
  • Policy management software
  • Underwriting software
  • Claims and risk management software
  • Document management software
  • Mobile apps for field agents and reps
  • Agency portals

We help insurance companies automate routine processes—thereby increasing work efficiency and saving costs—provide better user expertise, bring advanced analytics for risk management, and more. Software created by our team facilitates improvements through:

For enhancement, we adopt data science, business intelligence, and IoT technology features to extend the capacity of back and front insurance office systems. It is also crucial to make software customer-oriented and personalized, which is especially relevant for insurance pricing, claim processing, and support—to meet this need, our team develops AI-powered solutions.

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    Claim processing and policy management automation

  • 02

    Accurate risk assessment

  • 03

    Advanced analytical data system setup

  • 04

    Claim fraud detection

  • 05

    Connecting systems with CRM, ERP, CMS, PMS, and NIPR to make them versatile

Why Choose NIX

Keen to Success

Our experts thrive on contributing to clients’ business prosperity, not just performing tasks. They are heavily involved in the success of created products. Teams are ready to go the extra mile looking for optimal solutions and avoiding potential bottlenecks from technological and process angles. It’s one of the main reasons we are trusted by global enterprises.

Polished Processes

Working and communication processes, refined by years of experience, is what makes our development approach special. We can integrate with existing business processes or build it by ourselves, delivering transparent and continuous interaction, no matter the methodology you apply. Clients are always aware of the progress and costs and deadlines conformity.

Knowledge Transfer

We have a polished knowledge transfer process among in-house and client-side teams. All rotations, scheduled or unexpected, are frictionless for development progress and require no additional effort thanks to quick onboarding. All our clients receive detailed technical documentation for future development.

Proven Tech

We’ve founded an in-house R&D center, where engineers continually harness emerging technologies, and find out where and how cutting-edge innovations can bring value and benefit our clients.

Our Expert

Danil Lisikh

Insurance Software Solutions Consultant

Danil assists insurance firms with their smooth transitions to the digital realm and timely responses to changes in the niche. Having 6+ years of experience, he offers best-fitting solutions for your business to establish a superior market position.

Success Stories

We really care about project success. At the end of the day, happy clients watching how their application is making the end user’s experience and life better are the things that matter.

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