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NIX creates dedicated software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, reaching out to all drug development life cycle stages—from drug discovery and manufacturing to pharmaceutical commercialization. We integrate technological capabilities with regulatory requirements to improve the process of drug development, manufacturing, and distribution.

To lower the barriers to market demands, our team covers specific needs of pharmaceutical developers, scientists, manufacturers, raw material suppliers, drug stores, and wholesalers. Companies receive improved drug production processes with regulation compliance, streamlined drug management, enhanced supply chain efficiency, and optimized sales pipelines for higher ROI.

We Engineer the Following Types of Solutions:

  • Preclinical/ clinical trial management software
  • Pharma manufacturing & commercialization software
  • Pharma distribution software
  • Pharma sales & marketing software

We can reinforce pharmaceutical providers with a set of tech solutions that enhance operational efficiency giving a new edge to pharma digitalization along with data safety within HIPAA compliance. According to set goals, our experts provide high-end solutions to:

  • 01

    Facilitate the invention and validation of new medical products and services

  • 02

    Automate routine tasks through intelligent data processing

  • 03

    Streamline patient enrollment and optimize R&D operations for clinical trials

  • 04

    Automate drug asset management

  • 05

    Track sensitive manufacturing operations—compliance, expiry management, formulation, etc.

  • 06

    Scale up operations while reducing spending through ERP solutions

  • 07

    Accelerate processes of bringing new drugs to market

  • 08

    Refine maintenance quality management

  • 09

    Create coordinated customer management systems for drug commercialization

  • 10

    Reorganize distribution chains

  • 11

    Consolidate marketing and sales workflows into a single platform

Why Choose NIX

Keen to Success

Our experts thrive on contributing to clients’ business prosperity, not just performing tasks. They are heavily involved in the success of created products. Teams are ready to go the extra mile looking for optimal solutions and avoiding potential bottlenecks from technological and process angles. It’s one of the main reasons we are trusted by global enterprises.

Polished Processes

Working and communication processes, refined by years of experience, is what makes our development approach special. We can integrate with existing business processes or build it by ourselves, delivering transparent and continuous interaction, no matter the methodology you apply. Clients are always aware of the progress and costs and deadlines conformity.

Knowledge Transfer

We have a polished knowledge transfer process among in-house and client-side teams. All rotations, scheduled or unexpected, are frictionless for development progress and require no additional effort thanks to quick onboarding. All our clients receive detailed technical documentation for future development.

Proven Tech

We’ve founded an in-house R&D center, where engineers continually harness emerging technologies, and find out where and how cutting-edge innovations can bring value and benefit our clients.

Our Expert

Natalie Tkachenko

Head of Client Services | Custom Software for Healthcare at NIX

Natalie is a HIPAA-certified expert with high-grade knowledge in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with 5+ years of experience. She helps CIOs, CTOs of medical organizations, and founders of agile healthtech startups get the most valuable tech solutions for fundamental digital reinforcement in patient care, automation of operational processes, and overall business progress.

Success Stories

We really care about project success. At the end of the day, happy clients watching how their application is making the end user’s experience and life better are the things that matter.

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