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AWS Consulting and
Development Services

NIX is a full-cycle software development company whose experts have been providing businesses with robust tech solutions since 1994. For the past ten years, we’ve been helping organizations modernize, innovate, and capture untapped markets with Amazon Web Services.

We assist our clients at every step of their cloud transformation through AWS professional services, identifying the best-fitting tools and proven approaches to improve performance, fortify security, and drive cost-effectiveness. Startups, medium-sized brands, and enterprises can rely on NIX’s experts to keep up with dynamic changes in the business environment and outmaneuver the competition.

NIX is at your disposal at every cloud touchpoint whether you need AWS consulting services, application development, architecture design, migration, or deployment, as well as infrastructure optimization, integration with third parties, managed services, or augmentation of your in-house team.

Our certified experts can assist you with creating custom end-to-end solutions from scratch, enhancing already-running environments or modernizing obsolete systems. As an experienced AWS development company, NIX leverages FinOps as a cost optimization approach to reduce up to 30% of cloud spending for your increased ROI. With our AWS consulting and development services, you will invest wisely, not heavily.

NIX is an AWS Advanced
Tier Services Partner

NIX and AWS have been partners since 2013, which identifies us as a vendor with a tech-savvy team and strong cloud expertise recognized by the cloud provider. Our AWS development services  adhere to strict requirements and AWS quality standards, backed with skill examinations and continuous working on elevating service quality.

What makes us an Advanced AWS Partner


Years of partnership with AWS


Complited projects in AWS


Official client satisfaction reviews


Certified specialists


In-house experts

AWS Capabilities for Your
Compelling Results



Transform server-dependent workflows into modern and highly effective virtual infrastructures. Our AWS professional services are at your command to eliminate the complexity of server management, achieve modularity and scalability, and make digital asset management agile to the bone.

Serverless network is a proven way for companies to follow their strategic goals and raise competitiveness due to accelerated time-to-market of new products, better adaptability of environments to market events, and the ability to make a shift from capital expenditure to event-based operational spending.


Cloud Computing

Explore the advantages of adaptable and resource-efficient cloud computing, sidelining hardware-based processes from your flows—get a hassle-free IT environment that is fine-tuned to your business requirements instead of unwieldy, less secure, and costly traditional on-premise systems.

Our certified team wields almost 200 cloud tools within 99 AWS availability zones geared towards multiple domains, delivering computing services for cloud storage, databases, backup, SaaS, hosting, networking, analytics, and more. With a trusted AWS consulting and development partner like NIX at the helm, an AWS-based solution will be your launchpad to scale intelligently, adapt swiftly, and drive growth while maintaining the highest compliance and security standards.

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Database Services

Ensure your digital assets with continued reliability, the utmost level of security, and global availability with the help of cloud databases. Our AWS development services include seamless database migration, up-to-date design, vigilant administration, robust data warehousing, and efficient, big data management.

The NIX team handles your database needs, accommodating growing data volumes and user demands regarding provisioning, back-up, scaling, high availability, security, patching, and health monitoring. Delivering reliable and steady connectivity of various databases—including relational, NoSQL, and data warehouses, with each app—your cloud environment will have built-in back-up and recovery capabilities to stay on 24/7. 

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Application Development

Harness the true potential of service-oriented cloud apps to drive your bottom line, improving your business continuity, performance, and customer experience. A certified NIX team provides architecture building, cloud-native development, design, testing, and management of cloud applications, refactoring inefficient workflows into intelligent cloud environments without growth boundaries.

Leveraging the latest cloud-native tools, AWS Well-Architected Framework, and a forward-thinking approach, we reshape businesses not only in terms of processes but also communication, mobility, scale, opportunities, and profitability. 

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Why Choose NIX

  • Keen on Success

    Our experts thrive on contributing to clients’ business prosperity, being heavily involved in the success of created products. Teams are ready to go the extra mile looking for optimal solutions and avoiding potential bottlenecks from technological and process angles. It’s one of the main reasons we are trusted by global enterprises.

    Software Product Development

    Working and communication processes, refined by years of experience, is what makes our development approach special. We can integrate with existing business processes or build it by ourselves, delivering transparent and continuous interaction, no matter the methodology you apply. Clients are always aware of the progress, costs, and deadline conformity.

    Software Product Development

    We have a polished knowledge transfer process among in-house and client-side teams. All rotations, scheduled or unexpected, are frictionless for development progress and require no additional effort thanks to quick onboarding. All of our clients receive detailed technical documentation for future development.

    Software Product Development

    We’ve founded an in-house R&D center, where engineers continually harness emerging technologies, and find out where and how cutting-edge innovations can bring value and benefit our clients.

    Dedicated Software Development Team

AWS Certifications

NIX is continuously raising the bar in providing services due to taking part in AWS education programs and certifying our experts. The team is armed with the latest tools to drive more value along your cloud journey and provide actionable results.

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AWS Consulting and
Development Leaders

Artur Bakulin

Artur Bakulin

Cloud Architect and Enterprise Solutions Strategist

Artur Bakulin

Artur is passionate about shaping the future of cloud architecture and driving innovation in enterprise solutions. He adeptly empowers businesses to thrive in fast-paced environments, skillfully leveraging the power of serverless technologies to optimize cloud economics.

Alina Lovchynovska

Alina Lovchynovska

IT Infrastructure Solution Consultant

Alina Lovchynovska

Alina is a business development manager with a wide range of managerial experience in different areas. And now, for more than five years, she has been helping businesses realize challenging projects on the edge of up-to-date technology with NIX.


What is AWS Professional Services, and how can it benefit my organization?

AWS Professional Services can be confirmed with long-term experience in providing cloud solutions and embracing a direct partnership with AWS. Such a vendor weaves AWS expertise and best practices into your workflows, helping you harness the full potential of cloud technology, reduce costs, improve security, and achieve business agility. As an advanced partner, NIX provides AWS professional services, mitigating risks associated with cloud adoption, accelerating time to market, and identifying cost-saving opportunities. Thus, you get a smooth transition to AWS and maximize your ROI.

Professional AWS consulting and development services provide organizations with custom cloud solutions tailored to meet their unique requirements, significantly enhance their performance, and outperform the competition. 

What is the process for providing AWS Consulting Services?

The process begins with choosing the best-fitting AWS consulting partner. Evaluate the company’s technical expertise, industry knowledge, and feedback on their AWS consulting services. Define project details and your needs and expectations to get the maximum value from the service. After communication with a vendor, describing your request and business needs, certified experts conduct a 360-degree investigation into your existing cloud infrastructure (if any) and come up with ideas on its improvement, enhancement, and cost optimization.

If your business is just starting cloud transformation, AWS consulting services will be essential for evaluating your needs and budget, building a cloud strategy, as well as understanding where to start and which direction to go. The client gets an expert-level assessment of their cloud opportunities and growth points with a plan of action.

What are the advantages of working with an AWS Consulting Partner?

Entrusting your digital assets to an experienced AWS development company, you get a well-organized, secure, and scalable cloud environment, leading to better business agility, enhanced resistance to market fluctuations, and improved profitability as a result. In turn, collaboration with companies who are AWS partners will give you the most out of AWS capabilities for reasonable investment. 

As a professional AWS Consulting Partner, NIX has considerable experience in multiple domains and expertise endorsed by AWS, so our clients receive high quality services. As partners, we also have the direct channel of communication with AWS represented by specifically assigned experts, including architects and consultants. Thus, our AWS development services ensure faster resolution of any business challenges and controversial tech issues related to the cloud. 

How do AWS Professional Services handle security and compliance concerns?

Cloud security is crucial for businesses as it safeguards sensitive data and intellectual property from unauthorized access and data breaches, which can lead to costly legal and reputational damage. Certified AWS experts ensure robust data security for your business continuity, protecting digital assets against downtime and data loss, minimizing disruptions that can impact productivity and revenue. 

AWS development services ensure security through multiple layers of protection, offering Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls to manage user access and permissions, using encryption mechanisms and security services like AWS WAF, AWS Shield, and AWS Security Hub to monitor, detect, and respond to security threats in real-time. Finally, a reliable AWS vendor like NIX implements industry compliance standards and offers a shared responsibility model, ensuring that security is a collaborative effort between AWS and the customer, enhancing the overall protection of digital assets.

Can AWS development services integrate with other third-party services or systems?

Yes, AWS ensures implementation of third-party integrations, tapping into a vast ecosystem of specialized services and tools. Integrations expand functionality of cloud environments, save time, and improve cost-effectiveness by offering pay-as-you-go models, reducing the need for large upfront investments in infrastructure. If you need help in identifying your third-party needs, reach out to an AWS consulting service from our AWS certified team.

The most widely-used third-party integrations for AWS development services include the following:

  • Datadog is used for comprehensive monitoring and analytics for cloud infrastructure and applications.
  • Twilio eases implementation of cloud-based communication services like SMS, voice, and video into applications for improved customer engagement.
  • Splunk is integrated for powerful log analysis and monitoring, allowing organizations to gain insights into their AWS environment, troubleshoot issues, and enhance security.
  • Jenkins offers CI/CD implementation, automating the build and deployment processes, and promoting DevOps practices.
  • GitHub is used for version control and code repository management, facilitating collaboration among development teams working on AWS projects.
  • Zendesk streamlines customer support and ticketing solutions, enabling businesses to provide efficient customer service for applications and services hosted on AWS.

How much does AWS development cost?

AWS development costs depend on multiple components, taking into account scope and complexity of the project. At the same time, you need to take into account the specific AWS resources and services used, data transfer and storage requirements, usage patterns, regional pricing differences, etc. Vendors offering AWS professional services will optimize your cloud spending by accurately monitoring these factors, which operate on a pay-as-you-go model or reserved instances basis.

To get an accurate estimate of your cloud project, contact an AWS consulting partner like NIX. Our certified team with a solution architect at the forefront will help you assess a tailored infrastructure specific to your business needs.

What is the typical timeline for an AWS development project?

Much like the final development costs, the timeline is also contingent on a number of factors like project complexity and scope. AWS project duration will depend on the number of AWS services being used, the sophistication of the architecture, the level of integration with existing systems, and the number of features and functionalities being developed.

Specific requirements—such as compliance with regulatory standards or the need for extensive security measures—can extend the timeline. Building custom solutions will also take longer than using off-the-shelf AWS services and products, which are preconfigured and require less development effort. The project duration usually starts at a couple months and can go up to one year and longer.

Client Testimonials


Buzz Sharifi

Account Manager at TransGrade, CRM

“Extremely detailed, professional, attentive”
We’ve been working with NIX for over a year now and have nothing but good things to say about them and their talented pool of developers, staff members, and executives. They are extremely detailed, professional, attentive, and deliver top-quality work within the time estimates that they provide. What else can you ask for? I highly recommend NIX for all tech-related projects.

Christian Rohner

Project Manager at Information Products AG

“Quality of delivered work is outstanding”
Our company worked more than 5 years in total with NIX. Communication was always very clear and direct. Being a remote company, wasting time in communication is horrible, luckily with NIX, we experienced no delay or misunderstanding. Quality of delivered work is outstanding, all tasks prior to delivery were tested in detail, and bugs or mistakes were virtually non-existent.

Craig Burris

Director of Operations at CarSoup

“It is hard to impress me, and NIX kept me happy”
There is no recommendation that is more powerful. NIX’s expert team built a new system that increased potential customer traffic and improved performance. Their transparent workflow allowed for consistent communication and quick correction of problems when they arose. They also adjusted their processes to mitigate time-difference concerns.

David Stutzman

President of Conspectus, Inc

“Attentive and listening”
I enjoyed working with the NIX team because they are so attentive, listening, and questioning decisions about the development specifications. The questions absolutely make me think and make the product better.

Eric Spear

SVP of Engineering at Cengage

“Delivering high-quality code”
With NIX, I have broken some of my own rules of team composition with respect to the ratio of FTE and 3rd party engineers. I have some teams that are more than 50% NIX because the code coverage, quality, and velocity coming out from the NIX developers are very good. Delivering high quality code in a predictable manner has built trust and confidence with my management/full-time employees.

Eve Epstein

CEO/Founder at SoleVenture, Inc.

“Fast and responsive”
The team was fast, responsive, and took the time to walk through every step. The engineers are helpful and responsive.

Ilya Kottel

VP R&D at HumanEyes

“You have done the work perfectly”
I want to say thank you for the excellent, highly professional work, for your passion, and your time even on holidays and weekends. Your attitude ultimately led to outstanding results. We are satisfied with the result we’ve achieved, but we need to keep working, and actively use every opportunity to make it better. You have done the work perfectly and the application, which you created in such a short time, turned out to be very functional and cool.

Jeremy Reither

Consultant & Advisor at DemandSide

“CMS team are my go-to partners for web dev”
I’ve been working with these guys for years now – particularly their CMS team. The relationship has been very positive, and they continue to do great work for me. I first hired NIX around 2008 to re-build a website that was built (poorly) by another agency. NIX solved that problem and has helped me build and launch multiple products since then. Roman and his CMS team are my go-to partners for web dev.

Mark DeJarnatt

Chief Technology Officer at Sparkle Stories LLC

“Quickly and professionally”
I have used NIX for 3 different companies over the past 3 years that I have been CTO of. Projects have spanned a wide variety of technology stacks. Nix has come through each time with the right project manager, quality assurance, business analyst, DevOps, and developers. They quickly and professionally get up to speed with our current processes and seamlessly merge with any professional environment.

Mike Ortner

President at Ortner Enterprises DBA North Two Five

“Delivered high-quality products”
NIX delivered high-quality products that work flawlessly and have boosted revenue partner schools, who have successfully used the digital platform to fundraise. The team’s organized workflow and programming skills help them seamlessly fit into the client’s company as a whole.

Moody Heard

Co-Founder at Buildforce

“World-class development”
NIX are great communicators for native English speakers, they work well with our timezone, they are highly organized, and most importantly they build beautiful software. Our team cast a wide net and was highly selective when we decided to search for a software development partner, and NIX has exceeded our expectations since we chose to work with them. If you are looking for a team that performs world-class development well below the average U.S. cost, NIX is a perfect partner.

Noam Shalit

COO at SafeRide Technologies Ltd

“The team is experienced and professional”
We cooperate really well with them, and they make adjustments so we don’t have any complaints. The original project was successful, so they’ve extended the partnership. Headed by a knowledgeable project lead, the team is experienced and professional. NIX delivered everything on time and was always in contact with their partner. Offering a superior customer experience, they’re recommended.

Steve Berardelli

Sr. Director of Engineering for MindTap

“NIX is doing an amazing job”
NIX team contributed a lot to the process improvements for code deployment practices. So not only we write clean/stable code now but also, we are able to deploy it a lot more successfully and faster. We have a better strategy for our branch cutting and code repositories. It takes much less time to deploy code now with a higher level of stability. NIX team also contributed their ideas and views on how we can break up work among team members more effectively.

Success Stories

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