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Our ServiceNow Capabilities

NIX helps businesses achieve their aspirational objectives by incorporating ServiceNow capabilities into workflows whether you need consulting, involvement in projects from scratch, enhancement of existing solutions, or ServiceNow migration services.

We provide both end-to-end ServiceNow solutions, starting from assessment of the current environment up to step-by-step module implementation, customization, and after-release support, as well as take on single-point demands for specific platform targets.

Our team turns complex processes into effortless experiences for all participants related to business, automating operations, improving performance, and optimizing investments for your consistent growth.

We help clients get the most of ServiceNow capabilities to be more resilient to industry changes and outperform competitors on the fly—our main goal is to provide you with valuable opportunities and help your company reach its stellar business jump.

ServiceNow Solutions We Provide


Discovery & Consulting

We provide your business with ways of transforming business processes with ServiceNow today and making them easily adaptable for your operations tomorrow. We assess the states of your company workflows and map out action plans based on the best-fitted practices according to your baseline, workforce needs, requirements, and goals.

Consulting is a tool to find the right solutions for your challenges. The combination of our experience in different industries and technologies enables us to provide you with a deliberate step-by-step guide for your business automation journey through services such as:

  • Audit and assessment
  • Strategic advisory
  • Roadmap design and planning
  • Process documentation

Implementation & Customization

NIX experts help you find avenues tailored for business growth in terms of ServiceNow implementation. Simplified and consolidated workflows are the backbone of successful company development, especially for enterprises with multiple layers of operations, processes, and engaged employees.

We implement ServiceNow leveraging low-code development to create compelling end-user experiences with rapid time-to-value. Our team digitizes operations, delivering the following services:

  • Pilot projects development
  • Portal development and enhancement
  • Data migration
  • Module configuration
  • Process automation and testing

Application Development

We equip businesses with out-of-the-box apps based on a rich set of ServiceNow features, helping you move toward centralized processes, integrated systems, and multi-channel options, displacing manual operations with digitized and agile operations.

ServiceNow apps enhance service management and delivery and subsequently result in increased ROI. We create and customize ServiceNow applications to accelerate internal enterprise processes and manage day-to-day responsibilities with minimum effort by providing businesses with the following services:

  • Application architecture and design
  • Building & testing apps
  • Application sustenance and upgrades
  • Custom app development
  • Plugins for custom-made functionalities


We assess third party initiatives in the context of streamlining processes and develop best-fitting app architectures to cover all integration demands. The range of third-party integrations includes but is not limited to: Microsoft Dynamics, Atlassian Jira, AWS, Microsoft Azure, SAP, Google Cloud, and VMware.

Our goal is to create rich and versatile ecosystems, matching workflows and business processes and expanding enterprise boundaries, using all the possible resources that can be linked to ServiceNow. This can be achieved by applying to our services like:

  • API development
  • Orchestration of external systems
  • Event management integration
  • Cloud- and AI-based integrations
  • Integrations with active directory and monitoring tools

Maintenance & Managed Support

The NIX team provides continuous maintenance and tech support services to ensure correctness, efficiency and relevancy of your ServiceNow solutions along the whole business automation journey. We monitor system performance, examine solutions for weak points, investigate deeper technical issues, form field refinements, and perform changes on the level code. These activities are part of our services, such as:

  • Technical guidance, support and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring & ongoing improvement
  • System administration
  • Security audits
  • User help desk

Gain the Following Results with ServiceNow Solutions

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    Consolidated workflows, operating as a single unit

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    Increased business performance and employee efficiency

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    Improved experiences for those who work for you and with you

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    Higher visibility and accountability of business functions

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    Improved service delivery and more satisfied customers

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    Reduced costs spent on operation management and infrastructure services

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    Maximized return on investment (ROI)

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    Lowered business risks

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    Enhanced decision-making based on predictive intelligence

ServiceNow Modules to Automate Workflows

Using various modules on the ServiceNow platform, our experts drive end-to-end automation of multi-step processes that occur between systems and people to provide the big picture of company operations, preparing for risks, and future expansion.

ServiceNow implementation services are conducted by adopting the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) approach, providing continual service improvement at each project stage and contributing remarkable experience for every business layer, including:


ServiceNow IT Service Management

The ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) module is intended to upgrade IT operations, enhancing its planning, delivery, and support, resulting in improved IT performance and transparency and reduced downtimes.

ServiceNow IT Service Management capabilities include:

  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Request management
  • Predictive intelligence
  • Virtual agent

ServiceNow IT Business Management

The ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) module aligns IT department operations with business objectives to achieve high accountability of business functions, empower the tech environment, and maximize efficiency of investments spent on tech.

ServiceNow IT Business Management capabilities include:

  • Project and portfolio management
  • Application portfolio management
  • Demand management
  • Release management
  • Innovation management
  • Investment funding
  • Resource management
  • Scrum and scaled Agile framework
  • Timecards

ServiceNow Security Operations

The ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) module is designed to improve organizational cybersecurity and minimize potential service disruptions by refining security posture, detecting vulnerabilities, creating intelligent workflows, and managing threats proactively.

ServiceNow IT Security Operations capabilities include:

  • Configuration compliance
  • Security incident response
  • Threat intelligence
  • Vulnerability response
  • Vulnerability solution management

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

The ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) module helps to consolidate HR workflows and empower employee service experiences resulting in improved staff productivity, streamlined onboarding, higher satisfaction with the workplace, and optimized costs for HR management.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery capabilities include:

  • Employee document management
  • Employee service center
  • Enterprise onboarding and transitions
  • HR case management

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

The ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) module helps enterprises elevate customer loyalty by delivering effortless experiences for them—instant handling of common requests and engaging self-services. CSM identifies trends in customer initiatives for organizations to expand constantly.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management capabilities include:

  • Communities
  • Customer case management
  • Customer data management
  • Industry data model
  • Omni-channel
  • Proactive customer service operations

ServiceNow Industries

NIX helps enterprises expand their business boundaries via professional ServiceNow services within the following industries:

Why Choose NIX as Your Team for ServiceNow Solutions?

  • 01
    All ServiceNow Solutions in One Spot

    A wide pool of tech talent is ready to take on complex projects, as well as work on singular tasks like ServiceNow migration or integration services.

  • 02
    Certified ServiceNow Experts

    You can always be sure you’re working with ServiceNow professionals who provide services leading to remarkable business results.

  • 03
    360-Degree View Of Processes

    We unlock business opportunities, identify risks, and take action for workflow optimization based on a full picture to provide remarkable experiences for companies.

  • 04
    Сlient-сentric Approach

    We are always focused on bringing the best experiences and solutions for businesses, taking their needs into account.

  • 05
    KPIs as Benchmarks of the Right Course

    We are adherents of achieved tech and business results, not running around with promises.

  • 06
    Accelerated Time-to-market

    Leveraging low-code oriented development allows our teams to launch projects faster and beat the competition at a rapid pace.

Our ServiceNow Leader

Roman Bilokon

Roman Bilokon

Practice Leader, Enterprise Workflow Automation

Roman Bilokon

With more than 10 years of experience, Roman is a thought leader committed to driving long-term value for C-level client stakeholders and decision-makers through the integration of custom Salesforce and ServiceNow solutions.

Eugene Stepchenkov

Eugene Stepchenkov

Business Process & Solution Consultant

Eugene Stepchenkov

Eugene has over 5 years of business development experience and is passionate about helping clients solve complex challenges with digital workforce solutions and redirecting investments into business expansion initiatives.

FAQ on ServiceNow Implementation and Consulting Services

What companies can use ServiceNow implementation services?

The platform is used by companies of all industries, mostly of medium and large sizes, starting from 200+ employees. There is a growing trend for ServiceNow implementation from medium businesses, especially for ServiceNow project consulting services and module implementation to simplify particular workflows when big enterprises usually apply for full-cycle ServiceNow service management, including ServiceNow managed services and support. All companies applying for these services, whether they are located in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, or Asia, are united in automating processes, increasing business efficiency, improving service delivery to the end user, and growing ROI.

How much do ServiceNow implementation services cost?

The cost of ServiceNow professional services  depends on a variety of factors, where each point weight in the total, including:

  • Implementation scope—whether it’s an end-to-end journey with migration, application development, ServiceNow integration services, ServiceNow managed support services, or just consulting.
  • Company size—the bigger the company, the more employees will be involved, the more licenses will be purchased, and the more ServiceNow support services will be needed to maintain solution stability.
  • Industry—each niche requires specific solutions to provide peak performance for enterprises, including vertical-specific challenge addressing.
  • Type of access to ServiceNow products—the grand total varies depending on the type of subscription agreement with the platform. If you doubt what product package to purchase, apply for our ServiceNow consulting services to learn where to start.

How long does it take to implement ServiceNow?

The ServiceNow platform provides low-code module implementation—drag and drop features accelerate the development process, time-to-market, and time-to-delivery, and lowers costs while conforming to enterprise standards in terms of scalability and security.

Depending on the project scope, whether it’s just ServiceNow migration or integration services, or end-to-end implementation from scratch within multiple workflows, implementation may take from a couple of weeks to months.

What is application development in ServiceNow?

ServiceNow application development is based on a set of pre-built services including data management, platform analytics, scripting tools, integrations, and templates, and more intended to address certain business needs within a specific process, workflow, or industry overall. When it’s needed to extend off-the-shelf product functionality, developers can easily customize an app by adding missing pieces or create an app from scratch, assembling the functionality by separate ServiceNow components for its 100% customization.

How can ServiceNow consulting services help my business?

ServiceNow consulting services help enterprises understand a full picture of the state of operations and see the ways to enhance and simplify workflows and improve company productivity along with operational cost reduction. Consulting services provide companies in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East with the following:

  • Assessment of the current state of business—understanding of growth points and risks, defining targets, and roadmaps with blueprints of activities to meet enterprise objectives at a rapid pace
  • Particular steps on how to resonate better with your audience, both employees and customers
  • Strategic guidance for scaling—understanding where to start, how to continue, and how to achieve company objectives with ServiceNow automation services, whether you need end-to-end platform implementation or just migration, app development, or ServiceNow managed services in the future.

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