Software Engineering Services

Software engineering services are the core of our activities.

From simple websites and mobile apps to complex enterprise systems

NIX provides you technological leverage using deep expertise in custom software development.

Our work process is built to provide benefits on each stage of the development process: business analytics and software architects define the optimal structure, required tech stack for the solution to cover all your needs with fewer inputs.

The development team creates code using best practices and techniques. The finished product is tested by the QA department to guarantee the highest quality of the solution. And above all, project managers control all processes and keep you updated. Also, our software engineering services include 24x7 support to provide stable and proficient work of your system.

  • Software

    Our software product engineering services deliver custom solutions to the development of all types of software products. Selection and design architecture, writing the software code, and all kinds of quality assurance — we can help you during all stages of the development process.

    • Planning & Architect

      Defining optimal architecture, required components and their characteristics, and designing interfaces.

    • Software Development

      Enterprise, SaaS, web, mobile and embedded solutions.

    • Quality Assurance

      All types of testing including functional and non-functional testing, automation testing, Agile testing, and their subtypes.