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Swift VS Objective-C: Which is Better for Your Next Mobile App?

Find out more about detailed Swift VS Objective-C comparison for your next iOS app development. Which one fits your particular project — the answer is in our article.

Software Development Life Cycle: NIX Approach to SDLC

SDLC meaning and popular models to ensure the efficient software development will be covered in this article. SDLC includes six stages: Strategy, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, Maintenance.

Kotlin vs. Java: Which is the Winner?

If you doubt What is better, Kotlin or Java, read this article: and all questions will vanish.

What is BI Developer: Role Description, Responsibilities, and Skills

A business intelligence developer needs to have an interest in data and both solid business and technical skills.

What is Learning Management System: LMS Functions and Features

A good learning management system will provide benefits to both the employee and the employer helping both be more effective and efficient.

How to Hire an Android App Developer

There are many different criteria that must be accounted for when considering how to hire an android application developer for your project.

App Design: Definitions, Process, Best Practices and Tips

Find out more about what is a mobile app design process and which app design practices are considered as good ones.

University and School Mobile Apps: Features and Examples

Students around the world have had to make some significant adjustments to the way in which they learn. School mobile apps help improve communication between students and the school.

Health Insurance Industry Trends After Pandemic

There are many different insurance industry trends to be aware of that are helping transform the insurance industry from the old-fashioned business it used to be into one that is much more agile and nimble.

How to Leverage Business Intelligence for Marketing

Marketing business intelligence empowers businesses with better audience profiling, discovering valuable insights from large data sets and deriving consumer buying habits for efficient campaigns.