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Web Accessibility Statement

NIX is committed to making its website accessible to individuals with disabilities. We have taken steps to ensure that our website meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level A/AA.

Some of Our Accessibility Features:

  • Alternative text for images
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Screen reader compatibility
  • ARIA Landmarks
  • Consistent Navigation
  • Adaptable and distinguishable UI.

Capabilities of Accessibility Overlay

At the right part of our menu, you can find an accessibility overlay with the help of which you can adjust the settings to make the website comfortable for you to use.

Here are the capabilities of accessibility overlay:

  • Content Scaling – you can increase and decrease the size of the elements of the website.
  • Reading Mask – you can choose to emphasize important elements such as links and titles.
  • Readable Font – you can change our standard font to Palanquin font.
  • Stop Animations – you can stop all running animations in an instant, at the click of a button. Those animations include videos, GIFs and CSS flashing transitions. When Stop Animation mode is activated, you will see notifications about automatic pop-ups 60 seconds before they are displayed and you will be able to cancel the pop-up display.
  • Monochrome mode – you can use this mode to remove all colors from a website or digital product.
  • High Contrast mode – you can use this mode to adjust the color scheme of a website to increase the contrast between text and background elements.
  • Color handling – you can select colors for titles, text, and backgrounds from various coloring options.
  • Web assistant – you can learn about our website structure and elements.

While we strive to make our website fully accessible, we recognize that some areas may still be inaccessible. We are continually working to improve the accessibility of our website.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns regarding the accessibility of our website, please, contact us via [email protected]

If you are seeking employment with NIX, we will make every reasonable effort to provide an accommodation that allows you equal access to employment regardless of a disability.

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