NIX Supports Regional Development in Florida

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NIX has always been more than just a tech company. Our values involve sustainable development, support of local initiatives and civic engagement. Therefore, as a member of the local community in Florida, we announce a pro bono contest for NGOs and non-profit organizations that engage in the local development of the region in any possible way. 

NIX is ready to create a tech solution for any worthy organization, within a $5,000 budget. We will accept all proposals, the only condition being that a company should be engaged in local community development in Florida. If your organization is eager to improve the quality of life in a community, neighborhood, city or municipality level, but faces certain technical issues or cannot afford developing the software product, the NIX team will be happy to support your initiative and provide you with a proper solution after the board makes the final choice. 

“We believe in the impact of pro bono services and see the great potential of such activities,” says NIX SVP Business Development, Vladimir Kuzmenko. “As members of the Tampa Bay community, who care a lot about the local environment, we are happy to make our contribution to the development of the region in our way ー applying our expertise and technological skills. Our competence combined with an effort of other companies will double the benefit the local community will get”. 

More details and the conditions of participation will be revealed at the 1 Million Cups Event in the Greenhouse, 440 2nd Avenue N. St Petersburg, on October 9th. After the official announcement, we will publish a press release and place a more precise description of the contest on our website. Until then, more information can be obtained at [email protected].