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How to Write a Proper Mobile App Requirements Document in 5 Steps

Mobile app requirements document is a tool that helps to establish the expected features of the application and can be used for communication and feedback with the rest of the development team

Top 14 Most Important Data Mining Techniques to Use

A proper, intelligent approach to data analytics can take your business a long way through gaining efficient insights into internal operations, external marketing efforts, and traits of your customers that can help drive business. Data mining techniques we discuss in the article are tried-and-tested methods to help you dig deeper and efficiently gain more valuable BI.

How to Build a GPS App: Tech Requirements & Pitfalls Explained

Building a GPS application can be a real challenge, but understanding the consequence of app development and involving an experienced tech partner into your project will bring your idea to reality.

Introductory Guide to Machine Learning in Education

Ever wondered how to apply machine learning principles to enhance the education sector? This guide will help you learn the best ML school methods and practices with examples and common challenges.

11 Key Mobile App Features that are Good to Know

Mobile app development has become essential for any company that wants to grow. But which features should be implemented to create a successful application? Learn 11 top features in our guide.a

Mobile Artificial Intelligence: When Apps Get Smarter

The article contains information on integrating artificial intelligence in mobile apps and offers a list of AI technologies that are all the rage in the IT realm of today.

NIX United is Sponsoring Disrupt the Bay 2021

Disrupt the Bay 2021, featuring NIX United, gathers healthcare disruptors that will discuss how technology might improve the healthcare industry by making changes that substantially redefine the way care is provided.

Find Out How to Use Machine Learning for Time Series Forecasting

Using machine learning for time series forecasting enables business-defining predictions driven by advanced tech and high data processing accuracy. Let’s dive into the topic in our new article!

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Strengthening the Defenses

The article explains the uses of artificial intelligence in security systems that will take the defense mechanisms utilized in the IT products to a new level.

Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection: In-Depth Overview

Reliable data processing is the cornerstone of many major industries today. And anomaly detection is one of the most relevant issues in this aspect. Find out how Machine Learning algorithms help tackle it.

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