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Dive deep into software engineering intricacies, business perspectives and latest technology insights.

Enterprise Automation — Solutions that Boost Business

Enterprise automation in a nutshell — automation maturity levels, tasks and processes that can be automated, advantages for business, and case studies of systems implemented by NIX United.

Cross-Platform App Development: Best Platforms and Tech Stack

How to develop a piece of mobile software in the most all-around cost-efficient, time-efficient, smooth manner based on your specific budget and requirements? Pick the right development model from the get-go. And a cross-platform approach may just be the most optimal choice for you.

12 Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Use Cases

Predictive analytics has a lot of potential to improve the healthcare industry. Multiple use cases prove that it can revamp patient care, making it more effective and timely.

How to Create a Successful Knowledge Transfer Plan

Examine NIX expertise knowledge transfer plan [with Examples and Tips] that will prevent the loss of your resources.

NIX United at Enterprise Connect 2021

NIX United exhibiting at Enterprise Connect 2021 and sharing in-depth knowledge of implementing business automation solutions at different scales and in various industries.

Big Data in eCommerce: Main Trends & Use Cases

Big data is shaping the modern industry of eCommerce more than you may think. This is why it’s important to know the major benefits and trends related to technology. Learn about that more in the article.

Mobile App Monetization Models: How Much Money Can an App Make

In this article, we describe how much money an app can make, factors that influence that, 7 main types of monetization models for mobile apps, and how to choose the most suitable one for your project.

Secure Software Development Process — NIX’s Approach to Secure SDLC

Secure software development life cycle focused on supplementing security to the standard SDLC and ensuring that the end-product is compliant and protected from unauthorized access.

How to Start an App with a Step-by-Step NIX United Guideline

Bringing forward a unique app idea is the primary step in getting started with mobile app development. In addition, it is essential to know about the app market competitors, marketing strategies, time and budget management, and mandatory features.

6 Important Benefits of Risk Management Analytics for Your Business

Dive deep into all the benefits of risk management analytics for your business. When building your business processes, make sure you apply risk management analytics to prevent losses and unexpected circumstances.

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