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Dive deep into software engineering intricacies, business perspectives and latest technology insights.

How to Outsource Mobile App Development and Succeed

A proper approach for outsourcing mobile app development can bring years of expertise to your business and enhance performance.

Why Do Companies Outsource? Lessons Learned And Outsourcing Examples

Understand the strategies of other major companies that outsource so you can ensure that your business is run in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Scrum Master vs Project Manager: What is the Difference?

Despite some similarities between these positions, some companies hire both Scrum Masters and Project Managers. Let’s talk about the specifics of these positions.

How to Create a Successful Knowledge Transfer Plan

Examine NIX expertise knowledge transfer plan [with Examples and Tips] that will prevent the loss of your resources.

Crucial Agile Project Management Metrics and KPIs: NIX Approach

For your next project, it is worth carefully selecting a few of the most appropriate agile metrics, depending on the goals of the project, and stick to them. Find out what to measure in our article.

What is BI Developer: Role Description, Responsibilities, and Skills

A business intelligence developer needs to have an interest in data and both solid business and technical skills.

How to Hire an Android App Developer

There are many different criteria that must be accounted for when considering how to hire an android application developer for your project.

Data Science Team: Structure, Roles, and Responsibilities

The amount of data worldwide is continuing to grow exponentially. Companies that want to thrive need to have access to a data science team so that they gain the most value from the data.

What is ETL Developer: Role Description, Responsibilities, and Skills

ETL developers play a key role in business helping create processes and tools to move data from different systems so that it can be analyzed by the business.

What Makes Managed Services Better Than Traditional Staff Augmentation Model

What are staff augmentation services and how to succeed when extending your in-house team capabilities along with accelerating the digital transformation and boosting productivity?

The Differences Between Outsourcing and Offshoring

While often confused for each other, outsourcing is very different to offshoring. Understand the differences and similarities so that you can choose the right option for your organization.

How to Build a Software Development Team

Building an exceptional software development team is not just about the knowledge and skills of the engineers. They need to understand company goals and values and have the right personality too.

Average iOS Developer Salary in US and Worldwide, 2020

According to major job portals, the average iOS app developer salary starts at $87,000 and finishes at $126,000. More details inside

Software Development Cost When Outsourcing: Key Contributing Factors

Software development cost is an essential factor for everyone who plans to create a digital product and we will discuss key factors influencing the cost.

Solution Architect: Role Description, Responsibilities, and Functions

Solution architect accounts for the integration of different enterprise solutions, processes, and applications to address a specific need. Why and when you might need to hire one?

The Many Benefits of Enterprise Collaborations

Collaboration & communication software is becoming more popular than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at its benefits.

10 Qualities of a Successful Product Manager

Product management is the process of creating new products or further developing an existing product. These managers oversee designers and engineers to ensure the development of a product is completed on time.

How to Set Up a Successful Collaboration with Clients

Work with clients can be tough, but if you set up collaboration correctly, you’ll get much more: recognition, business growths, and a proper reputation.

Clear your Gears from Sand: the Importance of Collaboration Platforms for Business

It is clear that business solutions today need tweaking every so often. With such dynamism, a lot of thought needs to go into the processes that craft these solutions. Facilitating free flow of thoughts in creating and even tweaking the solutions should be a priority…


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