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Project Manager Responsibilities in Outsourcing Workflow — NIX Whitepaper

This paper aims to introduce the IT project manager’s responsibilities, role and show their advantages and effects on further cooperation.

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The core of the PM whitepaper will demonstrate to you:

  • What project managers do

  • The external and internal duties of a PM

  • The major differences between levels of external ones

  • Which level of PM your project needs, or if it needs one at all

  • How a project manager does save your resources

  • How PM prevents your project from growing to an uncontrollable size

With our highly specialized PMs, we will illustrate cases of handling real obstacles practically.

Download our whitepaper detailing the PM’s value if you are considering collaboration with an outsourcing company

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Why PMs Save Your Time and Money

Project management is the process of managing the entire team to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. To achieve this, project managers are always aware of the development process so that any difficulties can be resolved quickly and, at best, prevented.

Friendly reminder: there is no question of whether you are capable of accomplishing an IT project manager’s duties during your project by yourself. The conversation is more about this: “We know that you are capable, but you probably don’t have the time.”

Thus, the primary value PMs bring in software development is saving all resources, including money, specialists’ effort, and most crucial, time, by constant process coordination in each development stage.

From the very start of working together, the NIX’s PM:

  • Highlights the risks that the clients have not seen themselves

  • Instantly outlines potential bottlenecks and offers solutions for their exclusion

With a PM on the vendor’s side, the client can:

  • Set a task, be sure that it will be completed without managing it themselves

  • Save a number of working hours that need to be spent on team management

The pivoting point of NIX corporate policy is to bring tech solutions, hence experienced PMs provide credible advice on recommended tech resources to be used at specific project stages.

How we Operate: Diving Deep into the NIX PM’s Structure

A PM’s pool of duties encompasses visible and invisible types of tasks, so-called external and internal. The latter usually bypass the customer’s eye, but nevertheless, serve an important role and are the fundamental part on which the PM’s experience levels are based.

But there are additional, external duties that a project manager does and they depend on the PM’s level. PM external duties can be logically divided into 3 levels. Each level is good for different project types and covers corresponding effort, time and tasks. Find out about the differences inside the NIX whitepaper.







You will find the following in the NIX’s whitepaper PDF:

  • 01.

    Which level of PM your project needs

  • 02.

    The difference between levels of a PM’s external duties

  • 03.

    Work process and solutions on how NIX’s project managers deal with challenges inside the projects and prevent scope creep

  • 04.

    Why you should consider hiring a project manager

NIX’s whitepaper will help you to understand which PM level is right for you

A project manager is an essential part of almost any organization: from small agencies to multinational IT companies.


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