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Dive deep into software engineering intricacies, business perspectives and latest technology insights.

Cloud Cost Optimization: Best Practices to Reduce Your Cloud Bill

Cloud computing is among the most complex disciplines. Learn how to navigate cloud services and optimize your cloud costs without putting your product at risk.

How to Choose a Cross Platform Framework for Your App

How to develop a piece of mobile software in the most all-around cost-efficient, time-efficient, smooth manner based on your specific budget and requirements? Pick the right development model from the get-go. And a cross-platform approach may just be the most optimal choice for you.

How to Select the Ultimate Supply Chain Management Software

Among the most complex industries, supply chain management requires a robust solution to reach goals. Explore how to choose the best tool to cover your needs.

Complete Guide on How to Build a Web App

Find out more about web applications and their types, advantages, and the most effective ways to build and deploy them.

Best Countries to Outsource Software Development in 2024

Choosing the best country for outsourcing can be challenging. Learn how to make the correct decision and find the best region.

Healthcare Data Security: Risks and Best Practices

The healthcare industry is especially susceptible to cybercrime. Learn why healthcare data security is vital and how to safeguard sensitive data from bad actors.

Personal Finance App Development: Regulations, Features, and Costs

Personal finance app development is a difficult endeavor due to strict regulations. Discover how to streamline the development and build a strong application.

What is Amazon Bedrock and How Can You Use it for Generative AI?

Learn how to get the most out of generative AI tools through Amazon Bedrock adoption. Compare it with another Amazon solution, SageMaker.

Logistics Software Development for Robust Transportation Management

The fast-paced logistics industry requires continuous technological improvements. Learn the ins and outs of logistics software development in our guide.

Fintech App Development: Step-by-Step Guide

Fintech app development is a complex industry that requires financial and technical ingenuity. Learn how to build a fintech app in our extensive guide.

ServiceNow: Overview of the Revolutionary IT Management System

ServiceNow is a SaaS-based platform that streamlines processes across the organization and offers a holistic approach to business and IT management.

Monolith vs Microservices: How To Choose The Right Architecture

Make the right choice in the microservices vs monolithic architecture dilemma considering their pros, cons, and case studies.

15 Personal Cybersecurity Tips and Best Practices in 2024

While cybercrime is on the rise, cyber hygiene is more important than ever. Learn actionable cyber security tips to protect your personal information online.

User Research: Why Do You Need It? Goals and Requirements

Learn key objectives and steps of user research as one of the key steps of product development. Get insights and best practices from NIX.

Top AWS Security Tools You Should Know

Cybersecurity is integral to any organization. Learn how to protect your cloud application and account data using advanced AWS security tools.

eCommerce Website Development: Expert Tips and Extensive Guide

eCommerce website development helps companies expand their user base and solidify their brand on the market. Learn how to build a successful website with our guide.

Salesforce vs ServiceNow: Which CRM is Best to Choose?

Salesforce vs ServiceNow: How can you choose a CRM corresponding to your specific business needs? Check this article to find it out.

What is Salesforce Health Cloud and Does Your Company Need It?

Does your business need Salesforce Health Cloud? What are its main features and benefits? Find it out in our article.

Guide to Software Integration with Examples, Types, and Benefits

Data silos and lack of transparency are detrimental to a company’s health. Learn how software integrations can remedy these and other common challenges.

How AI Medical Diagnosis Changes the Industry: Benefits & Examples

AI in medical diagnosis can aid in early detection and imaging analysis as well as speed up drug research. Learn the benefits and use cases of AI-driven systems.


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