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Dive deep into software engineering intricacies, business perspectives and latest technology insights.

Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection: In-Depth Overview

Reliable data processing is the cornerstone of many major industries today. And anomaly detection is one of the most relevant issues in this aspect. Find out how Machine Learning algorithms help tackle it.

Meet NIX United at the Florida Tech Summit 2021

NIX United team is pleased to be a part of the annual Florida Tech Summit and share our expertise in a robust approach to IT and security.

The Main Features of Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy application modernization success story. Find out in our new article modernization algorithm that will increase your app performance

Machine Learning in Healthcare: 12 Real-World Use Cases to Know

Machine learning has been successfully used in healthcare for a while. Here, we review its benefits for the industry, some of the best examples, and the future of the technology.

How to Write a Perfect Business Plan for a Mobile Application

Learn about the mastery of writing professional mobile app business plans that bring in the funding using the in-depth expertise and years-long experience of Nix United professionals.

Are Android vs iOS Users Really Different?

Apple loves their customers more than Android does? Find out in our latest article how user experience generates customers’ loyalty and commercial behavior.

Enterprise Automation — Solutions that Boost Business

Enterprise automation in a nutshell — automation maturity levels, tasks and processes that can be automated, advantages for business, and case studies of systems implemented by NIX United.

Cross-Platform App Development: Best Platforms and Tech Stack

How to develop a piece of mobile software in the most all-around cost-efficient, time-efficient, smooth manner based on your specific budget and requirements? Pick the right development model from the get-go. And a cross-platform approach may just be the most optimal choice for you.

12 Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Use Cases

Predictive analytics has a lot of potential to improve the healthcare industry. Multiple use cases prove that it can revamp patient care, making it more effective and timely.

How to Create a Successful Knowledge Transfer Plan

Examine NIX expertise knowledge transfer plan [with Examples and Tips] that will prevent the loss of your resources.

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