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Dive deep into software engineering intricacies, business perspectives and latest technology insights.

15 Key Mobile Application Features That Are Good to Know

Mobile app development has become essential for any company that wants to grow. But which features should be implemented to create a successful application? Learn 15 top features in our guide.a

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps: When Software Gets Smarter

The article contains information on integrating artificial intelligence in mobile apps and offers a list of AI technologies that are all the rage in the IT realm of today.

Business Intelligence Examples for Improving Decision Making

Leveraging business intelligence is no longer an innovation for managing enterprises but a real necessity. Explore examples of BI systems that strike better decision-making.

RPA in Finance and Banking: Effective Use Cases and Implementation

Robotic process automation in finance can perform specific tasks more efficiently than humans. Discover how robots can benefit both financial organizations and their clients.

13 Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Use Cases

Predictive analytics has a lot of potential to improve the healthcare industry. Multiple use cases prove that it can revamp patient care, making it more effective and timely.

Offshore Development: Guide to Successful Collaboration

Offshore development allows businesses to leverage outsourcing to build high-quality solutions. Let’s explore how offshoring can empower you to create better apps.

Digital Transformation Success Stories Examples

Companies need to embrace digital transformation and its potential at all levels. The benefits of digital transformation cannot be discounted and are illustrated with examples from world-renowned companies.

Guide to Outsourced Product Development: Benefits and Risks

Software development is a complex endeavor that requires a lot of expertise. Learn why companies choose outsourced product development in our guide.

Outsourcing Software Testing: Best Practices and Benefits

Testing is a challenging process that determines the success of the product. Learn about software testing outsourcing, its pros and cons, and best practices.

How to Outsource Web Development in 2024: Pros, Cons, and Tips

Learn the benefits and challenges of outsourcing web development tasks, explore the rates in different locations, and discover best practices to avoid pitfalls.

Cost of Cloud Computing: Pricing Factors and Examples

Considering how many factors impact the bill, estimating the cost of cloud computing is a difficult process. Learn the ins and outs of cloud pricing in our guide.

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses: Benefits and Challenges

Not all business owners believe that digital marketing can help them improve ROI and target the right audience. Learn more about the reasons to invest in digital marketing campaigns from this post.

How Much Money Can You Make from Apps? 8 Income Avenues with Apps

In this article, we describe how much money an app can make, factors that influence that, 7 main types of monetization models for mobile apps, and how to choose the most suitable one for your project.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

Read our guide on choosing a marketing agency and receive the best digital promotion services for your business.

How to Create a Location-based App: Tech Requirements & Pitfalls Explained

Building a GPS application can be a real challenge, but understanding the consequence of app development and involving an experienced tech partner into your project will bring your idea to reality.

Machine Learning in Healthcare: 12 Real-World Use Cases to Know

Machine learning has been successfully used in healthcare for a while. Here, we review its benefits for the industry, some of the best examples, and the future of the technology.

The Top 10 Mobile App Monetization Strategies: How to Choose

How can you monetize an app without overwhelming your users with ads and alerts? Explore our extensive guide to choosing the best mobile app monetization strategy.

How to Develop a Modern Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats

NIX experts developed an on-demand restaurant delivery mobile app that is one of the most popular in Europe. We want to share some insights and best practices on food delivery app development.

How to Leverage Business Intelligence for Marketing

Marketing business intelligence empowers businesses with better audience profiling, discovering valuable insights from large data sets and deriving consumer buying habits for efficient campaigns.

Top Sprint Retrospective Examples and Benefits for Business

Sprints yield great results for development projects. How does one assess their success? Learn how to effectively run a sprint retro to build the best IT products.


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