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Dive deep into software engineering intricacies, business perspectives and latest technology insights.

The Impact and Trends of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

In this article, we will explore the technological advancements in healthcare and discuss which technologies can help the industry transition to the digital age.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture: Mix of Best Data-Driven Practices

Cloud computer architecture consolidates diverse practices, methods, and types of solutions. The system should meet business demands and enhance its performance. A hybrid cloud approach deals with this.

12 Big Data Issues Growing Companies Face

Companies that implement and already use big data solutions often face problems such as a lack of qualified personnel, poor data quality, excessive costs, etc. We bring to your attention a list of 12 such problems and their solutions.

How Do Apps Make Money? Reviewing Reliable Methods

Read to know how different types of mobile apps make money. Our specialists tell about the most widespread and profitable monetization options and share valuable insights.

How Healthcare Cloud Computing Changes the Industry

Adoption of cloud computing in healthcare offers a number of benefits, such as decreasing costs of treatment, better performance, great accuracy and stability.

Data Warehouse and Data Lake Definitions: What Is the Difference?

In this article, we will compare data lakes vs data warehouses to finally draw the distinction between them. We will also touch on the best practices of selecting the right technology for your needs.

NIX United Received Recognition for Demonstrating Excellence in Strategic Partnerships by IAOP

NIX United had been collaborating with Cengage for a few years and proved itself as a reliable outsourcing partner for which it was awarded the IAOP’s Excellence in Strategic Partnerships Recognition.

Comparison Overview With NIX United: Azure vs. GCP vs. AWS

Cloud computing is at its peak of progress and popularity right now. Advanced cloud-powered solutions help businesses optimize and expand in the most reasonable terms. This is done with the help of tech powers provided by a bunch of profiled companies. Today’s cloud market is led by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google with respective cloud platforms. Let’s compare each to get in-depth into the topic and know your way around the leading cloud technologies.


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Cloud Migration: Main Benefits, Strategies, and Process Stages

Timely legacy data system modernization and migration to the cloud environment may as well save a business’s life and give it a powerful push for optimization and expansion. Learn how to do this and what you need to kick off proper data migration in our new article.

How the Benefits of AI in Healthcare Can Serve Your Business

Wondering how to embrace the benefits of AI in healthcare? Learn how to leverage this technology for your organization to avoid pitfalls and maximize gains.

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