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Build Robust And Scalable Data Management Solutions

Data Management applies collection, validation, storing, and accessibility of data to fuel AI solutions, data analytics systems, and business intelligence software. The efficiency and accuracy of each of those platforms vastly depend on the quality of data, ensured by reliable data engineering solutions and scalable data management processes. Well-tuned, effective, and secure big data management systems are the backbone and reason of success for outstanding data-driven companies: from disruptive startups to the leading Fortune 500 companies.

Advantages Of Modern Data Management Solutions

  • Data quality

    Nowadays, when businesses constantly gather vast amounts of data, it needs to be analyzed and transformed to gain actionable insights—otherwise, it’s a waste of valuable information. Big data management services can help efficiently process and validate data, eliminate duplicates and incompatible versions, structuring information by creating a rock-solid foundation for future analysis and fueling BI and AI solutions to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

  • Data value

    Cutting-edge data management solutions enable processing of enormous amounts of data, including audio, video, and other types of unstructured information in a matter of seconds. Huge volumes and unsupported data types aren’t the barriers any more. Board members and key decision-makers can access the information immediately rather than waiting another month for a dedicated manager or legacy systems to craft a report.

  • Efficiency and automation

    Conventional data management approaches result in numerous data storages of inconsistent information that require significant time and effort to make use of it. Applying data engineering services and technologies leads to coherent big data management throughout the organisation, empowering consumers to meet their information needs better, quicker or even autonomously.

  • Data security and compliance

    Data security is crucial for every business—unencrypted, fragmented, and uncontrolled access levels can lead to data breaches and reputational and financial risks. Comprehensive data management services can help incorporate robust data security that ensures vital company information is backed up, encrypted and stored in centralized and secure data storage. This allows conducting regular security audits and preventing unauthorized access and data leaks.

Big Data Management Solutions

Improved Technological Capabilities

Big data engineering and real-time processing

Big data engineering and real-time processing

Building data pipelines that consolidate information from multiple sources, and processing the data according to extract, transform, load (ETL) or extract, load, transform (ELT) methodologies. Big data management solutions empower businesses with a single source of trusted information, automated data reporting, and instant data-driven decisions.

Improved Technological Capabilities

Data lakes and data warehousing

Data lakes and data warehousing

Building, configuring, or upgrading cloud-based data lakes and data warehouse solutions to store, manage and analyze information more efficiently. Data management storages can help address any data-related concern—from building a centralized data warehouse to reinforcing your existing system to have a high throughput and be more scalable, resilient, and secure.

Improved Technological Capabilities

Cloud-based big data management

Cloud-based big data management

Configuring and implementing an off-the-shelf cloud solution from leading vendors such as Google, AWS, Azure, IBM to enable rapid deployment of holistic data engineering tools with minimal risk and implementation effort. Cloud-based data management platforms have the lowest entry barriers of cost, complexity, time-to-value, and they eliminate the risks inherent to the on-premises data warehouse.

Improved Technological Capabilities

Data migration

Data migration

Migrating data systems from an on-premise server to the cloud, from one enterprise system to another, and from various platforms, and analytic tools to optimize data storage and processing efficiency. Data migration solutions can transform every source into an enriched, relational data structure that allows your business to navigate big data better and make well-grounded decisions quicker.

Improved Technological Capabilities

Data governance and meta-data management

Data governance and meta-data management

Comprising a robust data catalog and ingesting descriptive information from various sources, presenting it as a consistent, reliable source. Master data management services can help eliminate duplicity, inconsistency, and make data much easier to find and process, increasing the information’s value and re-distributing the data to different systems.

Improved Technological Capabilities

Data fabric

Data fabric

Building a full-fledged, distributed data fabric architecture that enables flexible, resilient data integration across platforms and business users, as well as a broad range of analytical, operational and governance use cases.

Data fabric architecture automates data discovery, management and facilitates self-service consumption, empowering businesses with maximized value chain by leveraging data.

Our Big Data Management Services

  • End-to-end implementation of data management solutions

    By bringing our in-depth data engineering competence we take care of all aspects of the data processing lifecycle—from the requirements stage all the way to launch and maintenance to a market-ready big data management solution.

  • Reinforcement of your team with in-demand or niche tech expertise

    We assemble a turn-key team that seamlessly increases your in-house capabilities, accelerates development, and decreases time-to-value of data management solutions.

  • Data processing audit and data systems modernisation

    Our data engineering experts can validate the state of your big data management practice, refine existing data strategies, and define a roadmap to optimize information processing, increase efficiency, and establish a sustainable foundation for intelligent data handling and analytics.

  • Data technology and architecture consulting

    We bring profound knowledge, technical know-how of our data management consultants to help you identify the most suitable approach, tools, and technologies tailored for your specific business needs.

Big Data
Solutions Partners

We are proud to partner with leading global organizations who provide cloud infrastructure for big data management. This motivates us to excel and offer our clients better data engineering services.

Data Management Process & Methodology


Define business goals

Identifying your key goals and dive deep into business processes, data workflow, deliverables to draft the best solution, and outline the scope of work.


Set up data collection

Examining available and required data formats, auditing data sources, gathering structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to address identified goals, design APIs for data exchange and secure its processing.


Raw data pre-processing

Cleaning, transforming, and evaluating data quality to remove inaccurate records for further analysis. Composing the data management system architecture with best-fitted technology solutions.


Establishing data storage

Building data storage based on the amount, types of data, and business goals and needs. Our data engineers make sure that your storage is secure and easily accessible only for authorized systems and users.


Integration in business

Developing and smoothly implementing a data management solution into your business environment, assuring its performance and accuracy threshold on the real data.


Validation and improvements

Establishing regular assessment of the data system’s performance, precision, throughput, and efficiency. Making adjustments if necessary.

Data Management Solutions for Industries

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

  • Reinforcing HRM, staffing, and recruiting software
  • Enhancement of benefits management solutions
  • Advance of business processes automation (BPA) systems
  • Secure and compliant enterprise data storages
  • Consistent data architecture ready for scale
  • Streamlined operational data processing

Financial & Banking

Financial & Banking

  • Quicker extraction of real-time stock market insights
  • Efficient big data processing for fraud detection
  • Background for intelligent, algorithmic trading
  • Big data for deep personalization and customization
  • Acceleration of liquidity analysis and risk management



  • Collection and real-time processing of health data
  • Personalized, value-based, patient care
  • Foundation for predictive analytics
  • Efficient use and handling of EHRs
  • Accessibility and security of PHI for authorized personnel

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

  • Data centralization across marketing channels into a single repository
  • Aggregation of big data, extraction of dependencies and insights
  • Real-time budget redistribution and optimization
  • Smart audience segmentation and personalization
  • Automated, real-time big data collection and instant processing



  • Processing data on students’ achievements, behavior, and ranking
  • Metadata enrichment and e-book management
  • Building enterprise data vault for future analytic solutions
  • Personalized student experiences
  • Video captioning and accessibility
  • Empowering your learning management system (LMS)

Logistics & Supply

Logistics & Supply

  • Consolidation of real-time GPS and weather data in a single system
  • Vehicle diagnostics, driving patterns, and location tracking data
  • Data-driven automation of warehouse operations
  • Improving lean manufacturing with real-time data from various sensors and devices
  • Intelligent, real-time routing of deliveries and distribution

Retail & eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce

  • Data for demand forecasting and precise targeting
  • Analysis of sales personnel performance and profitability
  • Intelligent inventory management and supply chain planning
  • Data consolidation from PoS systems, in-store sensors, and cameras



  • Accuracy improvement of risk assessment
  • Increasing performance of fraud detection
  • Customer data integration and client insight extraction
  • Efficient claims management
  • Flexible data and analytics infrastructure

Client Testimonials

More than half of our clients recommend NIX to colleagues and friends. Another half chose NIX by a recommendation. This is why client feedback and satisfaction are our #1 priorities.


Buzz Sharifi

Account Manager at TransGrade, CRM

“Extremely detailed, professional, attentive”
We’ve been working with NIX for over a year now and have nothing but good things to say about them and their talented pool of developers, staff members, and executives. They are extremely detailed, professional, attentive, and deliver top-quality work within the time estimates that they provide. What else can you ask for? I highly recommend NIX for all tech-related projects.

Noam Shalit

COO at SafeRide Technologies Ltd

“The team is experienced and professional”
We cooperate really well with them, and they make adjustments so we don’t have any complaints. The original project was successful, so they’ve extended the partnership. Headed by a knowledgeable project lead, the team is experienced and professional. NIX delivered everything on time and was always in contact with their partner. Offering a superior customer experience, they’re recommended.

Ilya Kottel

VP R&D at HumanEyes

“You have done the work perfectly”
I want to say thank you for the excellent, highly professional work, for your passion, and your time even on holidays and weekends. Your attitude ultimately led to outstanding results. We are satisfied with the result we’ve achieved, but we need to keep working, and actively use every opportunity to make it better. You have done the work perfectly and the application, which you created in such a short time, turned out to be very functional and cool.

Eric Spear

SVP of Engineering at Cengage

“Delivering high-quality code”
With NIX, I have broken some of my own rules of team composition with respect to the ratio of FTE and 3rd party engineers. I have some teams that are more than 50% NIX because the code coverage, quality, and velocity coming out from the NIX developers are very good. Delivering high quality code in a predictable manner has built trust and confidence with my management/full-time employees.

Christian Rohner

Project Manager at Information Products AG

“Quality of delivered work is outstanding”
Our company worked more than 5 years in total with NIX. Communication was always very clear and direct. Being a remote company, wasting time in communication is horrible, luckily with NIX, we experienced no delay or misunderstanding. Quality of delivered work is outstanding, all tasks prior to delivery were tested in detail, and bugs or mistakes were virtually non-existent.

Data Engineering Technologies Stack

FAQ on Big Data Management And Data Engineering Services

How can big data analytics benefit financial services?

Big data analytics in finance and banking can help assess and manage risk faster and more effectively. Properly implemented big data management solutions can effectively process big data for fraud detection, accelerate liquidity analysis and open up access to predictive analytics capabilities. Big data services and consulting enable financial and banking organizations to leverage the power of unstructured and big data, predict financial trends, and identify competitive advantages through deep customization and customization. We are located in the US and can help you develop for efficient big data management and lay the foundation for future analytics.

How can big data help to improve healthcare services?

Big data management and consulting in healthcare can save lives by predicting high-risk patients faster, predicting treatment outcomes, generating real-time alerts, and reducing medical errors.  Big data management consulting enable healthcare services to gain actionable insights into patient data, reduce overall healthcare costs, enable efficient electronic health record management, and serve as the basis for predictive analytics. Real-time processing of medical data allows for a better understanding of patients and more personalized patient care, thereby improving overall outcomes. Robust big data management and data lake engineering services keep PHI accessible and secure for authorized personnel, reducing the leakage of sensitive data.

What percent of companies that use big data solutions are satisfied?

According to NewVantage Venture Partners Survey, 56.5% of companies report that big data initiatives help to drive business innovation and accelerate their decision-making. It’s a a bright spot against a backdrop of slow progress and considerable room for improvement. The application of big data to business initiatives is transforming the way we do business and laying the groundwork for future analytics. NIX is located in the USA and provides big data management and consulting services to help you get started with data initiatives and accelerate your data processes.

Why would an enterprise-level company need big data consulting?

Adoption and implementation of big data solutions can be tricky, especially if you don’t have enough in-house expertise or you want to focus on higher-value business activities while delegating this task to professionals. At NIХ, we provide big data consulting services to help you identify the most suitable approach, tools, and technologies tailored for your specific business needs. 

Meet Our Big Data Management And Data Engineering Solutions Leaders

Eugene Rudenko

Applied AI & Data Science Solutions Consultant

Eugene is a data engineering solutions expert and big data management consultant with more than 10 years of experience in business consulting for top-tier international technology companies.

Max Ushchenko

Big Data & Data Science Practice Leader

Max is our senior practice leader and evangelist for the “big triad” of machine learning, data analytics and data engineering, with a vast background in AI, BI services, and product management.

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