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Dive deep into software engineering intricacies, business perspectives and latest technology insights.

Cloud Computing Trends for 2024: Which Ones Are Worth Following?

Migration to the cloud is one of the most popular areas for digital business development today. However, the chosen approach doesn’t always meet the expectations of business owners, primarily because of its obsolescence. So let’s find out the 15 hottest cloud trends that will help boost your business processes in 2022.

25 Great Ideas for Your Mobile App: Common Features and Examples

Are you considering mobile app development for an instant source of income? Check our 25 mobile app ideas to choose the most profitable one.

Mobile App Analytics: Leverage KPIs and Reap Benefits

Mobile app analytics is a valuable tool for measuring user and app metrics and unlocking priceless insights into increasing revenue and boosting user experience.

7 Crucial Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Trends

How can technology benefit business? Discover seven crucial logistics innovations that drive digital transformation and help companies become more efficient.

Crucial Trends and Vital Benefits of IoT Across Various Sectors 

IoT is a fast-growing technology that has already penetrated multiple industries. Let’s discuss the use cases and advantages across various sectors.

All About Top Mobile App Development Technologies in 2023

Find out more about top mobile development technologies, their pros and cons, and which ones will help you meet your business goals.

Future Tech Trends: Why Business Implements Innovations

Companies experience notable changes due to innovations. We investigated the forecasts of leading consulting companies and excerpted the hottest tech trends.

Healthcare in 2022: Trends to Watch for

Global healthcare is shifting and becoming increasingly demanding in this versatile time. Fortunately, common technological development is keeping up, offering new approaches and advanced solutions. Let’s take a look at where exactly everything is going and what healthcare trends we should pay attention to in 2022.

Future of Blockchain: Use Cases, Trends, and Barriers

Future of blockchain and its dynamics show the ways it can transform all industries. Blockchain is not only about the crypto future, but also about changing the way businesses operate.

Top Business Intelligence Trends for 2021

BI’s future lies in using AI for advanced analytics, embedded BI for users’ interaction with data reports, and self-service BI with a drag-and-drop interface for everyone to feel like a BI developer.

Health Insurance Industry Trends After Pandemic

There are many different insurance industry trends to be aware of that are helping transform the insurance industry from the old-fashioned business it used to be into one that is much more agile and nimble.

Top 6 Technologies to Boost Insurance Digital Transformation in 2021

Solutions and innovations in property and health insurance technologies that help businesses be up-to-date, enhance different aspects of their workflow and eventually lead the industry.

The Future of Automation

A job for life is not really an option for most people anymore. Technological changes and innovations are continually impacting what is and is not possible. The ideal future is one where machines and men work together harmoniously.

Apple Announced Big Sur and the M1 Chip — What Does This Change?

Big Sur and the M1 Chip have given rise to questions among personal users and businesses equipped with dated Apple devices, we’re going to answer the most popular questions

Average iOS Developer Salary in US and Worldwide, 2020

According to major job portals, the average iOS app developer salary starts at $87,000 and finishes at $126,000. More details inside

The Future of Smart Buildings

For companies looking to improve the way they manage and run sites and buildings, investment in building IoT projects is essential.

PhoneGap End of Development Announcement – What Are Your Options Now?

With support for PhoneGap ending in October, developers and businesses need to find an alternative for their app development needs.

Future of Electronic Health Record: EHR Trends in 2021

In 2021, EHR systems are making an impact on how doctors and patients interact and communicate.

Top 14 Mobile App Dev Trends That Will Change Business

Companies need to ensure that they are embracing technology and technical changes, or they are at risk of getting left behind. Therefore, we present Top 7 trends in mobile app development to help you stay on top.

Top 7 Internet of Things Trends that Shape the Future of IoT

Over the course of 2020 IoT is going to continue to increase in popularity. Here are 7 of the top IoT trends for 2020.


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