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As this year comes to an end, we take time to reflect on our progress. 

Although the year has brought us challenges, we’ve faced them with our minds cold and hearts warm.

Our actions, thoughts, and feelings this year were focused on what is most important: our unity as a team and our support for every member.

We were once more persuaded that if you are resilient, persistent, and at the same time able to adapt to a constantly changing business environment, then you can move towards your goal without faltering despite the raging storms. Good teamwork atmosphere is important; your partners, clients, and friends can become your strong shield.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

There is always space for growth, and we continue to prove this through our recognized achievements, projects entrusted to us, established partnerships, and new team members. Let’s take a look at the results of this year. 

New Services, More Capabilities

Digital Marketing in Our Portfolio

We are excited to announce that we welcomed new specialists to our team and released several new services this year.

We’ve always worked tirelessly on making the transformation journey for our clients more accessible and helping them reach their business goals. Our clients are 91% satisfied with our work and welcome the opportunity to entrust their online promotions to us, knowing our involvement means skilled experts, complete transparency, and achieved KPIs. 

We also believe our digital marketing services help our clients enjoy the process and results of entrusting us with a full cycle of digital transformation even more. 

Our specialists cover the full range of digital marketing options—from conducting market analysis and building advanced strategies to SEO, configuring paid advertising, customer retention, and visual media production. Whether it’s a small startup, an established midscale business, or a global enterprise, we always find new opportunities for growth.

ServiceNow and Our Own Experience

The best way to know a customer’s needs is to be a customer. Besides extensive experience delivering services to clients, we’ve also been on the customer side when implementing ServiceNow capacities into our processes to innovate and enhance them.

This inspired us to scale this experience to our clients to help them change the course of events in their organizations by optimizing their operation workflows—including IT, employee, and customer areas leveraging ServiceNow tools.

Since 2022 began, we’ve provided end-to-end ServiceNow services and taken on single-point demands for specific targets within the platform. Our experts are involved in projects from scratch, enhance existing solutions, and provide migration services.

New Partnerships

2022 comes to an end, and we reflect on our progress

As a part of our investment in the development as a strategic tech partner, we continue to encourage our experts to gain certifications, achieve in-depth knowledge of cloud products, stay current on emerging cloud trends, and reveal best-fitting solutions for reaching our clients’ goals using the advantages of each cloud computing platform.

We demonstrate our capabilities in delivering credible cloud solutions by attaining partner designations. Our specialists have demonstrated technical proficiency working with the cloud, assisting clients in gaining new competitive advantages, automating business processes, lowering operational costs, and as a result, increasing overall business efficiency.

Visiting Events

“Good morning everyone, a very warm welcome to all present here” begins the introductory speech we’ve heard so many times this year at various events. We’ve attended a number of well-known offline and online business events, including the local Synapse Summit in Florida, and rattling the world conferences like Web Summit in Lisbon and Dreamforce in San Francisco, both of which drew large crowds.

We believe it’s impossible to shape the future of AI on our own, so our team visited this year’s AI and BIG Data Expo to share our experience, make a presentation on our new unique case of using AI in healthcare, and learn about more innovative solutions from all around the globe.

We had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the entrepreneurial scene at ITEXPO, gain inspiration, and meet new partners—including dozens of CEOs, investors, industry experts, and scientists at meetups, lounges, and workshops tailored to tech industries.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of networking for creating lasting and fruitful business relationships. That’s why we plan to prioritize visiting more events in 2023.

Recognized by Awards

It’s an honor for us to be in the TOP 100 Global Outsourcing by the IAOP association for the third year in a row. We appreciate this high praise and acknowledgment of our innovative processes, dedication, and client-focused approach we continuously implement in our work. It’s also an honor to be granted the 2022 IAOP Excellence in Strategic Partnership.

We’re also delighted that our AI Advisor, Eugene Rudenko, received an award for GSA UK Automation Champion of the Year for 2022. This milestone was not only a well-deserved achievement for Eugene—who has just celebrated his 15-year anniversary at the NIX—but it’s also a great accomplishment for the whole company, and we’re confident more of our experts will attain industry recognition in 2023.

Being named a finalist for the Big Awards for Business has motivated us to work even harder the following year to make it to the winning list, and gives us a sense of appreciation for our business accomplishments this year.

Social Responsibility

2022 comes to an end, and we reflect on our progress

The NIX team fights in the Ukrainian cyber army. We have also developed web platforms that helped a number of nonprofit US, UK, and Ukrainian organizations support Ukraine more effectively. Among them are Shop Ukrainian, United with Ukraine, and Together. Meeting Points

Join us and help us save thousands of Ukrainian lives by making a donation to Ukrainian victory.

What’s Next

Our ongoing success relies on the loyalty and support of our team, clients, partners, and other well-wishers. You all play a pivotal role in a path to growth and improvement. Let us reassure you that, next year and in the years to come, we won’t stop working hard to earn the trust and confidence you have in us. We are very grateful to work with you and look forward to serving you again next year. May you have a fantastic time with your loved ones over this festive season!

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