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Business Overview

Business Overview

The client has an internal system on the Salesforce platform that automates processes that help students manage and interact with their course subscriptions and gain access to training materials. Part of the platform’s stored data is personally identifiable information (PII), and laws and regulations require that customer PII data be erased at the customer’s request. This manual obfuscation process included a time-consuming 26 steps for each request.

NIX was responsible for setting up and automating student-related processes, uploading protocols, and providing security-related updates according to the laws of different countries.

Our goal was to create features that would accept the customer’s request, initiate the obfuscation process in all the systems, and track the status of each of the external systems. Additionally, we had to create robust logic to perform the data obfuscation process in the Salesforce database.

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    Identify all the possible places where PII data can be stored in Salesforce’s extensive database.

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    Build a versatile data structure to process customer requests and give the support team the ability to get comprehensive analytics of the obfuscation process.

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    Adjust the logic to process any amount of data as we couldn’t predict how much information should be processed and had to take steps to avoid Salesforce platform limits

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    Set up two-way integration with the external system.

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    Set up a flexible error handling process that will give clear information about the error’s details and a way to re-launch the process for each of the systems separately but in the scope of the same customer request.


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We developed an intuitive and straightforward but simultaneously comprehensive UI for the support team, which allows us to track progress and provides easy access to all the request info, and gives a simple way to manage customer requests.

We also built a vast and complex data structure to use as a template for the data that needs obfuscation. Despite its complexity, the data structure is strictly structured, making it easy to maintain and extend.

To avoid most of the platform’s limitations, the team used the most efficient and modern features that the Salesforce platform grants in our development process.



Using our developed features, our client reduced the time spent on each request from dozens of minutes to seconds. The new obfuscation process does not require effort or input from the user. It is fully automated, covers even non-obvious stored PII data, and performs highly efficiently. Process automation also grants a higher level of personal information security.

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2 Salesforce Developers

Tech Stack:

JavaScript, Salesforce, Apex, Python, VisualForce, Lightning Web Components

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