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Costly Digital Marketing Mistakes

During our free webinar, we’ll talk about non-obvious but common digital marketing mistakes in online business promotion, as they can easily hinder your business from reaching desired growth. For instance, not removing a single superfluous tick in the Ads Manager checkbox can cost a company $1000+ per month. And this is a real case of our client. Encountering these mistakes from our clients for years, we know how to fix them from practice. We’ll discuss a step-by-step plan for launching brand, product, or service promotion, embracing the following internet marketing sections:

  • Marketing Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Retention Marketing

We offer you to put aside your urgent and routine matters for a while and allocate 1.5 hours in your busy schedule to look at digital marketing in your company from a different angle. We are sure it will be a wise investment—a focus shift and small tactical steps may spark a fundamental change in your business growth.



Nick Maslii

Digital Marketing Strategist

Since 2019, Nick has helped international businesses find their growth points, identify, and implement the most effective digital marketing solutions for their strong online presence and high ROI. He has worked with both small but ambitious startups and world famous brands.

Who Will Benefit from This Webinar

Startup owners

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CEOs of small and medium businesses

Group 48096136

CMOs & heads of marketing

Group 48096138

Heads of sales

Group 48096139

Marketing managers

Group 48096140

Digital marketing managers

Group 48096141

Our Bonuses for Attendees

Group 48096150

We will raffle off a free audit of your marketing channel (the regular cost is $2200) among the attendees at the end of the webinar.

Group 48096151

Three attendees who ask the most interesting questions will receive an hour-long consultation with the speaker.

Your Winnings from This Free Webinar

Our purpose is to give you the most out of this webinar.

Group 48096147

You will get a fresh look at your ordinary digital marketing routine and insights for your online improvements.

Group 48096127

We will not discuss the concepts at the level of what SEO, PPC, or standard analytics tools are. We will step through the whole flow of preparing to launch a digital marketing promotion with great emphasis on the details.

Group 48096127 (1)

You will choose how much to delve into the topic. During the webinar, attendees can vote for their burning questions regarding each online promotion channel. In other words, you will get an expert view on matters specifically relevant to you.

Group 48096127 (2)

You will be able to ask any questions about your company's current or future digital marketing activities.

They Trust Us

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Sign up to Join the Webinar

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