Cutting-Edge Technology Services

NIX makes complex things simple.

Today all trend info must be felt at the fingertips. Our cutting-edge services are about deploying the most current and relevant technologies for the client’s business growth.

  • AI & Data Science

    Transform raw numbers into targeted solutions by collecting and analyzing day-to-day big data within your company. Uncover hidden correlations by segmenting your market and customizing your products with the help of big data predictive analytics.

  • Business Intelligence

    NIX will help your business make better decisions by providing expert-level business intelligence services. Forecasting, strategy, optimization, performance analysis, trend analysis, customer analysis, budget planning, financial reporting and more.

  • Internet of Things

    We operate in the automotive, transportation, real estate, retail, and other industries, enabling them to unlock the business value of connected devices. Our cross-functional experts help your company use the right IoT technology stack to build data-rich software solutions.

  • Blockchain

    NIX engineers help customers to leverage cloud-based solutions to build, host, and operate their own blockchain apps and related functions on the blockchain while the cloud-based service provider keeps the infrastructure agile and operational. We are ready to create a solution for you where everyone is working together while ensuring confidentiality, scalability, and security.

  • VR/AR/MR

    The opportunity to innovate your business goals is here. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality will allow you to do this at scale and NIX engineers will find, organize, and store big data for your project and help to step ahead from data to insights.