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Dive deep into software engineering intricacies, business perspectives and latest technology insights.

Machine Learning in Marketing: Comprehensive Guide for Newcomers

Digital marketing and machine learning: advanced technologies as the key to success for your business.

The Power of Data: Understanding Digital Marketing Analytics

Business promotion in the digital space has its specifics and performance indicators. Learn how to unlock your business potential with digital marketing analytics.

NIX Joins Optimizely as Bronze Solution Partner

Optimizely partnership enables NIX to assist customers in unlocking their digital potential through data-driven, decision-making, and innovation.

Blockchain Security: How Can You Ensure It?

Blockchain security: what is it? Why do you need a special approach to ensure it? Learn tips and tricks in our article.

AI Chatbot Integration: is ChatGPT the Best Tool?

Learn how AI chatbots can benefit your business and build your own ChatGPT alternative to streamline operations and improve customer experience.

PIM Software: Manage Your Extensive Product Catalog Effectively

How can you manage a 15000+ product catalog with data spread across multiple databases? You just need product information management (PIM) software.

MVP Software Development: What, Why, and How of the Process

By investing in MVP software development, you can assess the validity of a business idea behind a software product and pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses.

NIX has Achieved the Status of Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network

With a team of certified AWS consultants, NIX can design solutions that meet clients’ specific business needs and gain a competitive edge in their industries.

Data Architect: Key Responsibilities, Skills, and Benefits for Business

How to get the most out of your business data? Learn about the data architect position, its key responsibilities, and its benefits for businesses.

NIX Providing Pro Bono Tech Solutions to Support Ukraine

Through pro bono work, NIX is providing tech solutions to organizations working to make a difference in Ukraine.

Cross-Functional Teams in Software Development: Principles and Examples

Need a flexible development team that can adapt to your changing business needs? Check out this article to learn about cross-functional teams.

NIX to Exhibit at the HIMSS Global Health Conference 2023

NIX is excited to join HIMSS23, a leading healthcare tech event in Chicago from April 17-21, 2023. Meet us there and explore our latest healthcare solutions.

A Comprehensive UA to GA4 Transition Guide

Are you interested in implementing a UA to GA4 migration? We will find out why you should hurry up with it, talk about its benefits, as well as formulate steps on how to conduct it.

MongoDB Clusters: Strategies and Architecture

Clustering strategies help make data processing sustainable. Read and learn how to optimize the performance of a database system with MongoDB clusters.

Overcoming Challenges in Health Information Management with NIX at the AIIM Webinar

Webinar attendees will learn about the challenges healthcare organizations face when implementing HIM practice and how to overcome them. Register now!

NIX Wins 2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award

NIX wins 2023 AI Excellence Award from Business Intelligence Group, recognizing their exceptional contributions and innovation in the field.

Real-Time Analytics and its Business Opportunities

To compete successfully, businesses must be able to extract value from data. Find out what business opportunities real-time analytics provides.

NIX Becomes HIMSS Gold Corporate Member

HIMSS membership allows NIX to collaborate with other healthcare organizations and professionals to develop innovative solutions for the healthtech industry.

NIX to Participate in Enterprise Connect 2023 Exhibition 

NIX is known for in-depth knowledge and experience implementing automation at different scales and industries. Meet our team at Enterprise Connect 2023 to see how we help your businesses.

The Power of Multichannel Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide 

Multichannel marketing implies the interaction with customers via different communication channels. Learn how to build your own multichannel marketing strategy.

Omnichannel Marketing: Grand Overview

Omnichannel marketing allows you to reach a wide range of customers. This review explains why strategy is necessary and how to implement and optimize it.


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