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Dive deep into software engineering intricacies, business perspectives and latest technology insights.

Scrum Master vs Project Manager: What is the Difference?

Despite some similarities between these positions, some companies hire both Scrum Masters and Project Managers. Let’s talk about the specifics of these positions.

Data Science in Healthcare: Applications, Roles, and Benefits

Healthcare systems generate large amounts of data that can be analyzed to advance the industry. Learn how data science in healthcare can revolutionize the sector.

Why Do You Need Healthcare Marketing for Your Business?

Healthcare marketing: what specifics does it have? Let’s learn what it is, evaluate its benefits and risks, and be inspired by outstanding real-life examples.

Benefits and Examples of Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is known for complex processes and difficult working conditions. Explore how RPA in healthcare can combat these obstacles.

What is Cloud Automation? Pros and Cons, Case Studies, and Tools

Did you face problems managing your cloud infrastructure and now look for ways to optimize? Check out our article on cloud automation to find a solution.

7 Crucial Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Trends

How can technology benefit business? Discover seven crucial logistics innovations that drive digital transformation and help companies become more efficient.

Digital Accessibility: Why Does It Matter? 

Ensuring digital accessibility expands the reach of your web solutions to people with disabilities. Let’s learn how to implement its best practices.

NIX Recognized Among Top 100 iOS App Development Companies of 2023

NIX set a high bar in the iOS development employing cutting-edge technologies, optimizing user experience, and delivering seamless product functionalities.

NIX Celebrating Excellence at the GSA UK Awards 2023 Ceremony

At the GSA UK Awards Ceremony, NIX exemplifies excellence in the sourcing industry, driving innovation and paving the way for transformative advancements.

How to Cut Costs Without Layoffs in the Face of Global Crisis

This article describes how your business can reduce operational and IT costs with help of tech solutions during a global crisis while maintaining business growth.

Multi-cloud Architecture: What Is The Best Strategy to Implement?

Do you consider the implementation of a multi-cloud architecture? Read this article to find out the best practices for it.

The Ultimate Telemedicine App Development Guide

Starting the telemedicine app development process can be overwhelming. Use our complete guide to build a robust solution that benefits your patients and physicians.

Unleashing Excellence: NIX Shines as a Bronze Stevie Award Winner

Bronze Stevie Award serves as a testament to NIX’s commitment to delivering exceptional technical support services that precisely meet clients’ defined needs.

What Are AWS Lambda Functions, and How Can They Improve Your Business?

Discover how AWS Lambda can be beneficial for businesses in various industries, and learn what you need to know in order to leverage it to the max.

Crucial Trends and Vital Benefits of IoT Across Various Sectors 

IoT is a fast-growing technology that has already penetrated multiple industries. Let’s discuss the use cases and advantages across various sectors.

SecDevOps vs DevSecOps: Which Approach Will Suit Your Business?

Although DevOps is used to streamline app development, it fails to address security. Learn about DevSecOps vs SecDevOps, practices that battle security issues.

NIX Achieves Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation

NIX becomes Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation. Partner with us for unparalleled support and success in your digital journey.

GSA UK Recognizes NIX as Finalist at 2023 UK Awards

NIX named finalist in the prestigious Global Sourcing Association UK Awards 2023 for exemplary performance and ethical practices in the sourcing Industry.

What Is Adtech and Why Is It Important?

Do you think it’s worth implementing adtech into your marketing processes? Find out this in our article.

Full Guide to Business Process Automation: Benefits and Examples

Digital transformation can be challenging and overwhelming. Use our guidelines to effortlessly leverage the benefits of business process automation.

Find a Skillful Software Development Vendor with 6 Expert Tips

Choosing a trustworthy IT outsourcing provider is a lot easier with our expert tips. Learn how to establish communication channels and assess vendors’ expertise.


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