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At AWS re:Invent, cloud enthusiasts embark on a unique journey, and NIX is prepared to seize this opportunity to showcase our prowess in software solutions. We extend a warm invitation for you to join us at this event, where the doors to connection, innovation, and expertise are wide open. Allow us to introduce you to our experts, Alina Lovchynovska, Artur Bakulin and Dima Danchuk, who stand at the forefront of software solutions tailored to meet business needs. In their roles, they exemplify NIX’s unwavering commitment to growth, continuous learning, and the forging of meaningful connections.

For nearly a decade, NIX and AWS have been steadfast partners since 2013. This long-standing partnership has established us as a trusted vendor with a tech-savvy team boasting strong cloud expertise that has garnered recognition from AWS, the cloud industry’s vanguard. Our team specializes in providing a wide array of comprehensive services, encompassing business analysis, solutions architecture, application development, remote administration, and system integration. In our ranks, you’ll find certified AWS professionals, including:

Our certified experts are poised to assist clients in creating custom end-to-end solutions, whether you’re starting from scratch, enhancing existing environments, or modernizing outdated systems.

Beyond the Learning Horizon

With over 2,000 learning sessions, AWS re:Invent unfolds as a treasure trove for those eager to master new skills and delve into cutting-edge solutions. As we make our way to this grand event, NIX is committed to understanding the most effective ways of harnessing innovative technologies to reshape the future of our clients’ companies.

Building Connections, Unleashing Potential

At the heart of re:Invent lies the essence of networking—a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded experts, practitioners, and seasoned AWS partners like NIX. It’s not just about learning; it’s about connecting with those who share a fervor for cloud technology. Our role is to catalyze business ventures, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player.

We invite you to explore NIX’s wealth of expertise in AWS. Let’s come together, learn, and celebrate at this extraordinary event, where the clouds of innovation and connection converge in a symphony of possibilities.

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