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Whatever the reasons, whether you’re going to start your own business from scratch, enhance the effectiveness of your existing company, or move to a cloud platform, Google will definitely be on your list of options, standing out among tech giants like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. It makes good sense and it’s completely explainable why Google Cloud is accelerating rapidly, despite the mentioned competitors that have occupied leading positions in the market for years, the provider took its own place on the podium and got testimonials from users. Yet it’s not clear to everyone why Google Cloud creates so much hype around itself. Aren’t the benefits of Google Cloud a bit exaggerated? Well, the answer is obvious, given a wide variety of key features and tools equally necessary for small businesses and large-scale corporate companies to achieve success and keep evolving to penetrate new markets. So if you’re considering Google Cloud Platform as an option, let’s take a detailed look at the provider and go over why Google Cloud is worth your attention. Let’s start with the definition and thereafter proceed to deal with the various benefits of Google Cloud.

What Is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a package of services that provides the main types of cloud computing available today, namely Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) for companies and individuals, enabling a wide range of actions, like manage projects and resources, storing data, running applications, processing very large data sets, conducting development workflows, etc. This wide and diverse range of solutions explains the reasons why GCP is so rapidly increasing in popularity.

The vendor offers solutions that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is specifically designed to create and deploy machine learning models in the cloud
  • Compute engine lets you run virtual machines that can be used to create development, test environments, execute workload migration, etc.
  • Management tools allow you to manage your cloud resources effectively and streamline your management tasks.
  • Storage and database offer numerous solutions which assume primary responsibility for managing, migrating, and updating data and infrastructures. 
  • Hosting allows users to create and customize a website and quickly develop high-quality applications.

We gave a brief overview of the service, though talking about the matter can be infinitely long. So, it’s high time to turn now to the benefits of Google Cloud, knowing that you’ll be clear on why Google Cloud is in high demand.

The Main Benefits of Google Cloud Which are Worth Paying Attention to

The main advantages of the Google Cloud Platform

First-rate Security Level

As hacking and dark web activities are on the rise, and cybercriminals use more and more sophisticated methods to reach their goals, the reasons why an increasing number of online users are beginning to put more emphasis on their protection when surfing the web became clear. Having studied the matter, with a high probability they will find out that Google makes every effort to ensure the customers’ data is as protected as possible. A big advantage is that the company constantly releases updates, adds improvements, and educates the staff—which, side-note, there are more than 500 employees in the security department alone—to proudly call itself the number one among tech giants. So, when choosing the Google Cloud Platform, you may rest assured that your personal data is locked up tightly through regular checkups. In the case of a data breach, you’ll be informed immediately and a number of managed accesses allow you to track all the revisions and detect who made them, inspect logs of activities taken by Google employees. Minimization of the damage suffered by attackers and prevention of similar instances in the future will be tangible benefits of Google Cloud for those who are worried about their online protection.

The Affordable Price Compared to Alternative Solutions

The opportunity of not overpaying catches the eye of Google Cloud benefits. In comparison with competitors, like Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, or Microsoft Azure, GCP’s advantage is the opportunity to not pay any extra money for unused services, but to make payments only for what gets used. Google applies per-second billing which is of great advantage to consumers who used to pay by the full hour, even if using its services for a few minutes. 

Achieving High Availability and Minimizing Downtime of Websites

One of the underlying metrics that determine website effectiveness and success is its availability. If a user can’t access it, even the most breathtaking piece of content won’t matter. As a result of a website failing, some visitors will start checking your rivals and your search engine rankings will drop. Unlike you, your web hosting provider, however, can dramatically affect your site uptime. So, the answer to the question of why GCP should be preferred is as follows: users get access to the most extensive global network which is stable against downtime by means of switching to redundancy systems when some server outages occur. Given the company’s commitment to providing 99.99% uptime for every customer as defined by its Compute Engine Service Level Agreement, this benefit of the Google Cloud Platform draws the attention of an increasing number of users.

Global Presence of Data Centers, Networks, and Cloud Services

The main advantages of the Google Cloud Platform

Another significant Google Cloud benefit over the main competitors is its global network, which is one of the biggest worldwide. This isn’t just a big pronouncement trying to enhance its own value, this is a real advantage that substantially affects the users’ experience and often can be decisive when choosing a vendor. This big internet hosting provider offers a huge network that is dispersed throughout the world, even in the most remote areas. That’s exactly what enables a better speed and improved performance when visiting a website. Given the proximity of the hosting location relative to users, they can count on a fast-loading site which can greatly reduce bounce rate and increase conversion. This is why Google Cloud Platform places special emphasis on this and delivers users speeds up to 10 Tbps which is much faster than what competitors provide.

The Continuous Network Expansion

Although the scale of Google’s existing infrastructure is already impressive and, for some, a decisive reason to choose exactly this vendor, the company is working on a way to make its global network even better. The tech giant stated that it aims to expand coverage in new locations to run more network edge points. Such scaling provides an opportunity to offer a delightful customer experience by cutting down on their connection’s latency and improving performance through a larger number of regions all over the world. The enhancements aren’t solely related to reaching out to new locations but expanding connectivity and its global cloud infrastructure by sea. The company is pouring money to get undersea cable laid, and this indisputable benefit of the Google Cloud Platform aims to maximize network bandwidth, speed up the flow of data, and make its cloud network more robust by redirecting traffic during outages.

The Simple and Easy-to-Use Cloud Provider

Creating a website or application from the ground up is impossible without a number of difficulties that are posed every step of the way and become one of the reasons for disagreements. First, it’s necessary to trawl through domain registrars and choose a domain name from it, then decide which content management system platform suits you best, determine the type of server required, figure out how much space a website needs, and define which database to link to a web page. This is where GCP will come to the rescue, as it provides the easiest way to deploy a web-serving stack and save you from the need to find answers to all these questions. The service offers users solutions with predefined settings that include whatever is necessary to get started, namely a storage disk, a database, a virtual machine, etc. There are also additional Google Cloud benefits like obtaining Google-managed SSL certificates that will renew your domain automatically and a top-notch DDoS defense with Cloud Armor. Compared to similar vendors, we came to the conclusion that GCP is much easier to configure. For instance, Amazon Web Service offers Lightsail, which comprises all that is necessary for the launch of a project; however, it takes a lot of time and effort to set up.

Various Levels of Customer Support

The main advantages of the Google Cloud Platform

There is no need to point out the importance of on-time support service to create a positive experience for customers. Regardless, despite the seeming ease of use, with a high probability users are encountering a variety of barriers and obstacles when configuring a website hosting. At this critical moment, it’s urgent to provide them with an exhaustive answer to move on, but not wait for help day and night. Consistently excellent customer service is one of the benefits the Google Cloud Platform delivers to its customers. It’s presented in three options:

1. Full-Scale Paid Support

When picking out one of the paid plans called Standard, Enhanced, or Premium, users get access to expanded support for the whole Google suite of cloud computing services. The difference between them is response time, the number of communication channels, support languages, escalation options to address urgent problems, and so on. For instance, the premium plan promises customers a 15-minute response 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. This kind of support also includes a technical manager that will be assigned to your account to serve as your main contact for all your tech support inquiries. You also have the option to adapt the support according to your needs for each product.

2. Support of Google Cloud Community

All the above-mentioned sounds appealing, yet not everyone can afford to pay to receive the answer to their question. Well, there is another option for them that grants free access to a huge community of active industry peers and savvy users who can serve almost like Google Cloud customer support members. About 20,000 tech enthusiasts belonging to the community are ready to help users to solve their problems and obtain answers to their questions. There are also Google Groups where customers can send any inquiries they want and take part in discussions.

3. Comprehensive Support Knowledge Base

When it comes to documentation, GCP has no equal, as its collection can help take the burden off the customers. In case you’re comfortable with technology and can call yourself a tech-savvy individual who likes to deal with this sort of thing personally, this documentation will be enough for you to resolve issues faster, make decisions easier, and substantially cut company costs for the customer support team. The cloud vendor grants tutorials, a selection of code samples, release notes, and a lot of other things that are required to address issues related to Google Cloud setup. And the best part is, this is totally free.

Adapted to Remote Work From Home Environment

The main advantages of the Google Cloud Platform

In connection with Covid-19, the concept of distance work became a new normal and it’s now a necessary condition to accept the offer for many job seekers. That’s why companies that adapt to these realities and offer solutions that allow workers to perform duties freely from home are held in high regard all over the world. With GCP virtual infrastructure you no longer need to pay wages to on-site employees, buy upfront hardware, or rent office space to do business, just access the necessary resources remotely. 

Virtualization also implies simplified data center management. For instance, during a seasonal peak or vice versa, when purchasing power declines due to an unpredictable economic recession, decisions have to be instantly made. With GCP it’s possible to start-up or shut down virtual machines where necessary and redeploy resources depending on the need. By virtue of dashboards available through management consoles, users can analyze different indicators of the data and find out the reason that leads to the issues that could affect server performance.

There are certainly those users who will face some difficulties while switching to GCP, yet all of this is solved thanks to online resources that will mitigate cloud migration and help to acquire experience of working on the platform. 

To Sum Things up

There are approximately 200 solutions in the armory GCP which can satisfy different demands of companies regardless of their type and size. Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, services for powerful data analytics, a massive data center and storage, and codes for creating software-all of this is only a small part of the resources the vendor offers for businesses. If you’re looking for off-the-rack solutions or tools dedicated to specific industries, for instance, healthcare, retail, or gaming, your provider will have you covered. As you can tell, the possibilities are endless, so it’s high time to start your discovery of your provider, and we, as Google Partners, will be happy to help you with this. Give it a try to see first-hand the Google Cloud benefits mentioned in this article.

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