The Manifest has Included NIX in the List of Top 100 iPhone and iOS Mobile App Developers

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The Manifest, an online platform that gathers and verifies hard data, expert insights, and actionable advice that help businesses build the brand and grow, released a list of 100 companies, which are considered the best in iPhone and iOS Mobile App Development. NIX is proud to find itself in the first place among the best mobile development vendors.  The Manifest highlights the increasingly critical importance of iOS solutions to strategic business growth and aims to help companies find the most reliable provider. Based on the Clutch methodology, The Manifest vetted and ranked over 2000+ iPhone and iOS development companies to choose the world’s best. Their guide provides the reviews, testimonials, and relevant information about each company, so you could pick the right iOS app developer for your next project. NIX is honored to be among the top companies.  This mutual victory became possible thanks to NIX’s clients, which have always set the most challenging projects, our partners who have been permanently by our side, and our team that has expressed the highest level of competency and professionalism. This is our shared victory. Many thanks to all of you!  Inspired and motivated, NIX mobile developers are eagerly awaiting future projects. As it was proved numerous times, NIX can bring any project to the industry leadership and will be happy to work on your project as well.