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Turn the diet process into entertainment one

The client was looking for a reliable technology partner to turn the idea into a high-quality, competitive product. They eventually chose NIX as an expert in mobile app development with a considerable background in healthcare.

The project scope for NIX included the following key deliverables:

  • AR-based iOS and Android applications
  • Realistic, optimized 3D models to streamline the app
  • Set of documentation compliant with all the client’s templates — specificities of the healthcare domain


As one of the challenging parts of the development process, we needed to kill two birds with one stone in 3d models creation: it should be realistic and attractive, and on the other hand, the size of those models should be as minimum as possible to not overload the app.

Besides that, the AR part of the app had to take into account multiple lighting and shadow conditions to ensure that the 3D models of food look natural.

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Multi-functional AR-based app for a healthy experience

Our development experts created multi-functional, AR-based iOS and Android apps for enhancing a healthy experience.

Using the application, the user can interactively:

  • Browse through different dietary plates and choose what to include in their diet
  • See a representation of the dietary plate on the table, realizing how the meal will look and what portion sizes should be
  • Create their own custom “plate,” choosing ingredients with the ability to share it on social media
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The NIX United team also created optimized 3D models based on provided food photos, balancing quality and size. The developed app identifies surfaces to place 3D objects considering the lights and shadows, thus boosting the AR experience.


Improved patient’s engagement

The client received a market-ready AR application with intuitive UI/UX that empowers diabetic patients with healthy food recommendations, thus improving patient engagement through the interactive diet process.

Working jointly with the client, NIX built the app while meeting deadlines and helped the client to create a brave new level of managing diabetes.

  • Team:
    Project Manager, QA Engineer, Business Analyst, 2 Android Developers, 2 iOS Developers, 2 3D Designers, UI/UX Designer

  • Tech stack:
    Swift, Kotlin, Java, ARCore, ARKit 2, 3DF Zephyr

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