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Discover eCommerce Trends Before They Become Must-Have

NIX experts analyzed the eCommerce industry worldwide, and prepared the top 7 eCommerce trends in technology that will help companies succeed and prosper in 2021. All of them are either already must-have—and it’s time to hurry and catch upor will become trends in eCommerce soon.

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The Increasing Role of Advanced eCommerce Technologies for Business Success

eCommerce is one of the few markets that have seen a dramatic rise in 2020 despite the circumstances. eCommerce is one of the early adopters of new technologies which has become a major factor of its constant growth. Businesses that want to become market leaders must implement new solutions among the first. An eCommerce trend that begins today will be a must-have competitive edge tomorrow.

eCommerce Market Share

In 2020 the global eCommerce market was valued at $10.36 trillion, and it's forecasted to boom at robust rates over the next few years. The expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2020 to 2027 will amount to about 15%. Moreover, it's also the market with some of the toughest competition and demonstrates one of the highest development paces.


Personalization is a New Top Selling Point

Consumers demand more personalized shopping experience. They want to spend the minimum amount of time possible to receive the best products. Thus, advancements in eCommerce technologies play a more crucial role than before.

If you are interested in trending technologies that are already necessary to outsell the competition, you can download a full report. Adopt new trends before they become must-have.

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