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Business Overview


Business Overview

The client is a for-profit hospital specializing in acute care, providing diagnostic and treatment services to inpatients and outpatients and employing 1,300+ people, including medical and administrative staff. The organization conducts academic medical research and interacts with universities and medical schools, offering students to undertake an internship.

The company grew rapidly while the quality of patient care began to deteriorate due to a significant growth of routine workload on employees, leading to an increased number of errors in medical records, data loss, and extra expenses. The client addressed NIX with a request to unify operational processes within a single solution—a platform from scratch—for optimizing workflows, increasing employee efficiency, and growing customer satisfaction.

Project Goals

To serve the multifaceted hospital demands, we’ve chosen the ServiceNow platform, a cloud-based workflow automation solution capable of scaling simultaneously with the client’s needs and meeting the privacy and security requirements of the healthcare industry. We had to accomplish the following tasks:

Automate routine IT team operations to minimize manual involvement and reduce IT support costs by a minimum 15%

Enhance and centralize patient data processing to reduce the burden on medical and administrative staff

Improve customer experience through self-service in patient portals and personalized communication via chatbot


The NIX team started with an assessment of the current environment to draw up a detailed action plan. The scope included work in three areas using the following ServiceNow modules:

  • 1


    IT workflows

    Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) module covered IT services’ planning, delivery, and support.

  • 2


    Employee workflows

    HR Service Delivery (HRSD) module simplified workflows for medical staff and enhanced human resources onboarding and transition processes.

  • 3


    Customer workflows

    Customer Service Management (CSM) improved customer experience with self-service options with minimal effort on their part.

IT Workflows

  • Ticketing System
  • Performance Analytics

Employee Workflows

  • Patient Records
  • Vaccine Administration
  • Knowledge Base
  • Integrations with Third Parties

Customer Workflows

  • AI-powered Chatbot
  • Pre-visit Management


The NIX team helped the client build a unified environment connecting medical employees, patients, and IT systems, streamlining and amplifying each other’s work. Automating 20% of operations and offering patients the option of self-service, 42% of queries are now resolved autonomously, significantly offloading employees from rote tasks and increasing customer satisfaction. The hospital reduced its operational costs by 30%, freeing up funds for strategic investment and further workflow optimization.

We continue to work with the organization, providing continual improvements on the ServiceNow platform, with additional modules planned to implement.


19 people (PM, ServiceNow Tech Lead, 9 ServiceNow Developers,

3 Business Analysts, 4 QA Engineers)

Tech stack:

ServiceNow, JS ES5

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