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Business Overview

Business Overview

Our client is a well-known hosting and cloud service provider based in the USA. To facilitate business expansion, they decided to streamline the decision-making process with a flexible BI solution that would process their corporate data and deliver meaningful reports for various departments, including finance, sales, and marketing. The company’s aim was to remain productive and quickly respond to new trends and ever-changing customer needs.

Creating, setting up, and maintaining such a sophisticated BI system requires special expertise, so the client chose our NIX team as a reliable tech partner as we’re well-versed in complicated data analytics solutions across industries.


Project Scope


Project Scope

The idea behind the project was to collect and analyze vast amounts of company data—such as user behavior, customer orders, sales geography, and others—and turn it into valuable insights. These insights needed to be presented to the client in various intuitive formats, including tables, charts, and dashboards. The goal was to ensure the marketing, financial, and other company departments could work with information in the easiest and most efficient way.

We gathered an expert team to create, configure, and then maintain the BI system to help the client achieve high business efficiency.

Within this project, we needed to do the following:

Process and analyze large volumes of data

Set up the efficient ETL process for streamlined data transformation

Provide the highest data privacy and security

Create actionable reports tailored to diverse business needs



After analyzing the client’s business requirements and budget constraints, we opted for Redash, a cost-effective, open-source web platform that effectively addressed their identified needs. Redash provides extensive data visualization capabilities and offers many robust integration options, making it a good choice for large companies deploying numerous process management services.

We selected Redash due to its user-friendly interface, support for various data sources—including databases and APIs—and its ability to create and share data-driven reports and dashboards within the organization to provide the business with timely insights.


Report Generation Flow


Report Generation Flow

The project is ongoing and involves continuous support. The NIX expert team receives a client’s request for a report, analyzes it, and offers our vision of the final solution. Upon agreeing on all details, our BI specialists extract and process relevant data, convert it into the specified format, and conduct thorough testing.

The client can view the output—table-based reports, charts, or dashboards, depending on the requirements—on the web platform in their corporate account.



Thanks to our long-term and fruitful collaboration, the client maintains their top positions in the highly competitive IT and web hosting industry. Using the BI system with our expert assistance, they have the opportunity to make informed business decisions in finance, marketing, sales, and other critical areas. As a result, the company timely responds to any market fluctuations and changeable customer needs and steadily grows.

NIX continues to work closely with the client to support their leadership and ensure they have all the required information to rise effectively to emerging challenges.



 4 experts (Project Manager, 3 Data Analysts) 

Tech Stack:

Redash, MySQL, Google Analytics

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