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Business Overview

Our client owns a supermarket chain that sells groceries and homegoods. They needed more detailed information about their marketing activities, such as e-mail distribution of coupons to loyalty program members, to improve their marketing accuracy and effectiveness.

Project Scope

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Create a web system for smooth and quick data processing 

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Automate the process of updating data 

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Create BI dashboards for data visualization based on the prepared data to increase the efficiency of marketing activities


We chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the core technology for downloading the data to ensure the system’s scalability and rapid, secure processing. This architectural solution allows to regularly update the database while maintaining its consistency to ensure that data is stored properly for future analysis. 

For data visualization and analysis, we used the business intelligence (BI) tool Looker and configured the environment to process data efficiently and provide solid functionality. Implementation of Looker allowed us to create an environment for analytics that contains three dashboards for rapid reporting of demographic analysis, efficient audience profiling, and searching for marketing insights. 

Overview dashboard contains the main financial indicators and reflects the general dynamics of the business, like total sales for the selected period, average bill value over time, and much more.

Top management can make decisions based on up-to-date information and track the overall dynamics of the company.

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Marketing dashboard contains the results of marketing statistics such as top 10 products sold, number of campaigns over time and by type, coupon usage, and more.

Marketers can analyze data for the best and the worst sellers, track the efficiency of different types of campaign optimizations or eliminate unprofitable campaigns.

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Demographic dashboard shows profit distribution by different segments of customers based on demographic and economic parameters.

Top management, marketing, and business owners can see sales analysis by customer demographics to understand the target audience better and increase the effectiveness of sending coupons to different segments of customers.

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We provided our client with a robust system powered by BI that enables fast data processing and provides valuable insights.  

The web system developed by NIX enhanced the efficiency of marketing activities and allowed the client to better understand target audiences, perform thorough data analysis, and optimize overall marketing campaigns. 

These breakthroughs led to higher profits, enhanced customer experience, and improved ROI.


4 experts (Project Manager, Business Data Analyst, Data Engineer, QA Engineer)

Tech Stack:

LookML, Spark, SQL, Looker, AWS: S3, Lambda, Redshift, DataPipeline, Glue, EMR


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