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Business Overview

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Business Overview

The client is a full-service insurance and reinsurance company that offers different types of coverage to choose for third-party insurance agencies and platforms.

The company operates in several countries, and its enterprise data warehouse (EDW) stores historical data and reports from all of an organization’s business operations in a single, centralized platform acting as a backbone for data-driven decisions and operational efficiency. As more data was processed, the workload of the data hub infrastructure increased, and the need for scaling and optimization became a pressing matter.

The client approached NIX to join a distributed engineering team from different countries and redesign the architecture, making a difference using our proven experience with enterprise-level data solutions.


Due to an outdated technology stack, the client’s EDW was barely scalable and sustainable, necessitating a large team, enormous funds, and computing power effort to maintain and support the large data flow coming from all operational servers. The engineering team spent almost all of their time maintaining the EDW rather than optimizing and developing new functionality.

The daily EDW ETL processes exceeded the available load window, and the processing of new data took more than 48 hours, thus operating with obsolete information. Furthermore, data governance was limited—the lack of foundational capabilities such as an enterprise data dictionary and data lineage hampered both delivery and consumption.

Project Scope

Our solution architect started by conducting an in-depth audit of the existing EDW architecture to develop the roadmap for enhancements. To help the client increase the reliability of data and build a single source of truth, the NIX project scope included the following activities:

  • 1

    Optimize and enhance the on-premise enterprise data warehouse (EDW) operating with up-to-date data


  • 2

    Reduce report generation time and set up regular automated report submission to streamline the department’s operations process



  • EDW Optimization
  • Report Management Enhancement


As a result, the client received the ability to obtain all necessary reports without delay, thereby allowing business stakeholders to make data-driven decisions using up-to-date data.

The EDW was optimized to handle high loads and can now process new data in less than four hours, which is 12 times faster than before the system optimization. Moreover, enhanced capabilities of the reporting system streamlined operations between departments and allocated more time for higher-value activities. 

600h405 (10)


11 experts (Project Manager, Solution Architect, Business Analyst, 6 .NET Developers, 2 Business Data Analysts)

Tech Stack:

MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Tableau, SQL, OLAP, SSIS, Pyramid

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