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Business Overview

The client is a multinational company serving the combined health information technologies and clinical research industries.

The employees interact with the flagship healthcare product daily, and when updates are released for the client’s internal system—documentation is compiled for employees to review. This was a time-consuming process that also affected overall performance.

The client set out to develop a chatbot to help employees quickly find the information they need, making it easier and faster to get tips on the system, saving time on higher-value activities.

Project Scope

Realize a question-answering (Q&A) ML algorithm to answer user’s questions based on the content

Develop a chatbot based on the algorithm available for mobile, web, and desktop

Integrate the chatbot in the client’s system smoothly


  • Azure Bot
  • Text Classification Model
  • Robust Data Processing



The client received an Azure-based chatbot empowered with conversational AI for web, mobile, and desktop.

The chatbot simplifies the process of finding relevant information for the employees and saves a lot of effort, resulting in a performance boost and more time for higher-value activities. 

Data Processing


Project Manager, Business Analyst, 3 Data Scientists


Tech Stack:

TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Spark MLlib, Pandas, BERT QA

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