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Business Overview

The client is a startup aiming to create a smart home system that connects IoT devices equipped with sensors empowered through a chatbot. This allows real-time equipment status monitoring, request processing, and automated troubleshooting.

The company aims to sell the product to private households and apartment buildings, thereby enabling effortless utility systems management and saving homeowners time and money. The client had an MVP and several system components, and NIX needed to compose them into a holistic, market-ready product.

Project Scope

The scope for NIX included the following objectives:

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Develop and integrate a chatbot in the mobile app to improve the experience of using smart devices and quickly notify service providers in case of emergencies

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Set up the Salesforce environment for managing smart hardware and related data along with tracking the state of intelligent equipment


First, the NIX team analyzed business requirements and audited existing system components. Based on this, we developed a scalable architecture to ensure a flawless interplay between all system components—smart devices, the Salesforce system, and the mobile application.

The NIX team’s solution was comprised of the following deliverables:

  • The mobile chatbot greatly saves landlords’ time— the landlord can report an issue by explaining what equipment is malfunctioning or contact the service agent immediately. The chatbot aggregates full information to help solve issues faster by automatically informing home repair service providers and providing all required info about the malfunction. All related data is then redirected to Salesforce for future analytics.
  • Salesforce admin panel—an IoT-based system that tracks data from the sensors and automatically alerts service agents in case of any data deviations. The system provides access to data from the smart equipment coming from one central hub for future analysis and enhancements. For data analysis, we used Einstein Analytics—an AI-based tool that analyzes large volumes of data, visualizes it, and highlights and predicts deviations in the system.
  • Configuration of smart home devices that allows track water temperature, provide flood detection and has sensor networks that connect to the mobile app and the admin panel in Salesforce.
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Maintenance flow:

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    The client’s system receives data such as temperature, humidity, and voltage on electricity performance indicators from sensors in real-time.

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    In case of malfunction, the system sends an appliance event, and the NIX team groups the events by device and issue type.

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    Each device has its historical data automatically linked to a specific house and account, and based on the analytics, predicts future malfunctions and prevents them.

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    If an issue requires human intervention, the system automatically sends a request to a repair crew.

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    For dealers, we have set up a website that provides access to the information they need such as repairs registered. Once the problem is solved, it automatically closes on the Salesforce side.

Key Characteristics of the Admin Panel

Event analytics

The main page displays graphs showing connected houses, devices, and their statistics—errors, device condition, when the warranty on the device expires, and failure predictions.

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Device monitoring mockup (2)

Device monitoring

The ability to monitor houses and devices connected to the system such as air freshener, pumps, sump pumps, thermal hygrometers, ventilators, and their states by colors: green (the device is stable), red (some problems need to be urgently fixed), and yellow (the device will require maintenance soon). Data about the device’s behavior, such as humidity, temperature, and status, is displayed with chosen time intervals as charts in Salesforce.

Weather widgets

Each account has a widget that displays the weather in the region and notifies tenants if there will be an adverse weather event such as rain or hurricane, providing tips on what to do.


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The client received a highly-configured, AI-powered IoT system based on the admin platform in Salesforce that is already on the market and every day gains new users. The system automates routine processes for landlords, provides home health analysis, reduces energy consumption, and extends equipment lifespans. This allows homeowners to keep track of the home’s health, giving notifications for repairs, replacements, or upgrades for enhancements. 

The system automatically handles most of the processes through smart sensor networks, notifies agents in case of danger, and stores the history of the devices, empowering homeowners to protect their property with smart home technology.


6 experts (Project Manager, Business Analyst, QA Engineer, 2 Salesforce Developers, C++ Developer)

Tech Stack:

Salesforce, Apex, Python, Java, Lightning Web Components

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