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Big enterprises follow a strict schedule and manage a lot of tasks at the same time. Manual management becomes too time-consuming and expensive, which is where automation comes in. They always look for new ways to reduce time and expenses.

Enterprise Software Solutions and Thing to Consider When Developing

What is An Enterprise Software Solution

It’s a large-scale software system that is designed to operate in a corporate environment to solve or support the issues of an organization, business, enterprise, or government institution. Here is what we call a “dream enterprise system.” 

In fact, it is a huge complex system that is very difficult to use and requires a lot of time for employees to understand how to work with it. There are three main components of a large corporation:

  • Old legacy software.
  • Acquired SaaS systems (SAP, SalesForce, etc).
  • Parts of nowaday self-developed software.

Everyone who has ever faced a large enterprise system knows that the very essence of it was built a long time ago and now is a huge machine with many components. Where one wrong step can even shut down the whole system. It is almost unrealistic and resource-intensive to completely rebuild such a system.

Conversely, by providing employees with a proper interface where everything they need is collected and where they can keep track of all information related to their duties, you will boost the performance of the entire organization. One single enterprise solution is better than many different systems that take a long time to use and reduce productivity.

Enterprise software solutions can be useful in the following domains:

Enterprise Software Solutions and Thing to Consider When Developing

Things to Consider in Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software solution – it’s a way of growing revenue, cost reduction through automation and higher productivity. It can help the employees to be mobile and keep in touch with everything they need whenever they are.

Instead of remodeling the existing enterprise system from scratch, we can consider alternative ways. Namely, by connecting new elements to the old system, that will work as one ecosystem – cohesively. It will help make the solution more point oriented, more personalized and easier to use.

At NIX, we see the transformation process in three ways – Merger & Automation, Personalized interface and Enterprise Mobility Management. Let’s start with the first one:

1. Merger & Automation

Replacing the whole heavily-loaded legacy software – is way expensive and time-consuming. In order to add new capabilities to the existing software, you can use tools that will help to connect the legacy enterprise system with the new one. One of the solutions is to focus on a customized interface tailored to each employee and their responsibilities. 

  • API

Widespread adoption of cloud and mobile apps creates a critical need to connect applications and services. API as a bridge, ensuring the seamless functioning of enterprise software solutions.

API integration is a way to connect internal enterprise cloud, mobile, and on-premises apps, along with partners’ and customers’ application environments.

As businesses want more compliant application integration strategies, they need to recognize that integration is not just a technology performance. Alternatively, an enterprise software integration strategy is part of business digital transformation.


Moving enterprise data to a Cloud enables streamlined operations and enhances in storage capacity of applications. Moreover, it contributes to a reduction in hosting, less equipment cost and maintenance of the system. 

A Gartner report claims that the market size and growth of the cloud services industry will grow to 354.6 billion USD in 2022.

Enterprise Software Solutions and Thing to Consider When Developing
  • RPA

Bringing high scalability and adapting to changing business environments, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organizations to automate at a fraction of the cost and time previously encountered. Moreover, RPA enhances the existing enterprise infrastructure without disrupting the underpinning systems.

Enterprise Software Solutions and Thing to Consider When Developing
  • Data & analysis

In combination with thorough analysis, data speeds up the solution of simple matters through diverse automation methods, smart assistants, and chatbots. Also, it helps identify your customers, their requirements, budget, pain notches, preferences, etc.

Considering the importance of higher customer experience, it becomes a matter for everyone across the enterprise ecosystem. Training and education – along with access to all tools and platforms – will be quintessential for boosting employee engagement and cultivating respect for leadership.

2. Personalized interface

Personalized apps are a new tool that can simplify an enterprise’s life and make sure that the system has a customized interface tailored to each employee and their responsibilities.

From an enterprise perspective, implementing personalized apps leads to:

  • Boosted employees’ performance and improved the quality of their work – when everything they need for work in one single app
  • Reduced time spent on new employee entry – since everything is set up for each type of responsibilities
  • Process optimization and faster system integration through one single application
  • Significant cost savings – since the business will not be caught up by external software solutions.
  • Business privacy. Unlike ready-made solutions that may ask you to give up some privacy rights to have security features, a personalized application will allow you to keep your privacy.

As a solution, may come the following:

  • Micro Apps & Chatbots

Micro app it’s an HTML-based, customized small-sized app built to allow users to execute a particular function instantly. Naturally, it’s a mini version of the original full-sized mobile application which has limited functionality but lets users get in, interact, and get out with maximum efficiency. 

Chatbots and mobile apps help enterprises store a large volume of user data to create a personalized approach toward users for delivering a seamless experience. Also, it can help employees by answering their frequent questions and automating access to certain information.

Enterprise Software Solutions and Thing to Consider When Developing

3. Enterprise mobility management

Now, when quarantine mode shows the importance of well-managed remote work, it’s becoming a necessity to consider enterprise mobile app development. It provides quick access to all necessary information and allows companies to securely enable employees’ mobile devices, moreover streamlining the business process by helping in mobile computing. The constant mobility will enable employees to be more productive due to the exchange of apps and data over mobile devices.

Enterprise mobile application development allows transferring of valuable data directly to the central database or reporting any issues/concerns and improving workflow logistics.

It can also be used to approve budgets or actions fast, whether the manager is on, or off, site.

Moreover, it allows planning the workflow whenever and wherever you want – what can be better in our fast-emerging world when everyone relishes time?

Enterprise Software Solutions and Thing to Consider When Developing

As a solution, may come the following:

  • Wearable devices

Act as a new way to provide and collect data. Within the enterprise, wearables help employees receive information or transfer it faster, which speeds up work processes. 

For example, a retailer in a store standing with the customer can check and make an order/sale immediately, without needing to go and check the availability of a product. A restaurant worker can take orders which are transmitted straight to the kitchen and receive a notification when the dish is ready. Or medical staff sends patient data from home to the clinic in real-time.

Wearables hasten companies’ digital transformation by transmitting data back and forth while letting workers complete their tasks faster. In this way, both vendors and companies can streamline processes to obtain faster results.

NIX Expertise In Enterprise Software Development

Meeting Room Booking App

A multifunctional application for booking co-working spaces developed for a large enterprise with about 2,000 employees and several offices. The app is accessible from mobile and web platforms.

Enterprise Software Solutions and Thing to Consider When Developing
Enterprise Software Solutions and Thing to Consider When Developing

Main features

  • Book a room in two clicks
  • Choose a room according to selected equipment (TV, Polycom, projector),room sizes and time/duration (15m, 30m, 1h, etc)
  • Receive the notification of your upcoming reservation on your mobile phone
  • Add or edit a team list and quickly select a group of people to send the email appointment

Patient Retention — Healthcare Web and Mobile Platform

Mobile app for hospitals that improves the quality of care and contacts patients. The app keeps all the patient health data in a single place, including medications plan, integrated data from activity devices and trackers.

Enterprise Software Solutions and Thing to Consider When Developing

Main features

  • Integration with over 100 different activity devices and apps including Health app, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Nike +, Jawbone Up
  • Medication reminder – medications and dosing schedule
  • Common health indicators tracking – cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, headaches and more
  • Setting up health goals and tracking progress of its achievement


Now it is nearly impossible to imagine an enterprise without applications that facilitate process management. It becomes a necessity as such solutions are becoming an essential part of modern enterprises because they help simplify workloads, automate processes, and seamlessly enhance communication.

NIX provides ongoing support and software development for enterprises to ensure encrypted data transfer between devices and enterprise systems, maintain and manage mobile applications. We deliver solutions that are becoming a crucial part of modern enterprises as they help simplify workloads, automate processes, and seamlessly enhance communication.


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