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Business Overview


Business Overview

The client is a large software development enterprise with over 5000 employees around the world. The company began to expand, and the needs of the business expand with it. The existing legacy resource management system didn’t provide enough functionality, and the demand for mundane process automation became a priority. 

The aim was to create an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform from scratch that would integrate all processes within one place and optimize project scheduling, balance workloads, and enhance operations. 


The client had a legacy monolith system, and the NIX team needed to transfer all data and business logic to the new one with microservice architecture that would empower the enterprise with efficient automation of all mundane processes.

Besides, we needed to implement a set of security best practices to secure sanctioned access to an enclosed area to ensure that sensitive data is stored and distributed securely, and only authorized personnel can have access to it.


NIX developed a custom microservice-based ERP platform that consists of four services:

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    Time and issue-tracking Laravel-based system

    This allows tracking workload, productivity, and performance of the individual members within the enterprise. The system also provides automated reporting capabilities showing a holistic picture of all processes inside the company.

    As an issue-tracking system, it allows creating tasks for developers and compares estimated hours for specific projects with the actual effort required. Beyond that, the system can also track employees’ workload and alert managers if some of them are overworked to allocate resources and prevent burnout.


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    Enterprise accounting software

    The software synchronizes with a time-tracking system and automatically calculates each employee’s income based on their rate and logged hours. For the financial department, it reduces time spent on data entry and other back-office tasks and reduces errors made.

    The financial department can also automatically estimate profitability, forecast the company’s cash flow, and calculate cumulative, annual budgets for each period to stay up-to-date.


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    Employee panel for finance activities

    This is part of the accounting software for the employees that helps avoid the accumulation of artifacts and ensures secure data storage. Before, finance-related artifacts were provided in the format of emails, increasing the chances of leaking sensitive data outside the company’s walls. 

    Employees can stay up-to-date with all finance activities such as monthly income and be aware of tax information.

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    Holistic enterprise knowledge base

    This contains all data curated in the enterprise and due to graph architecture allows working more effectively with hierarchically related entities in real-time. It also provides rich customization options for all stakeholders and real-time data tracking. 



The developed fully-equipped ERP system with microservice architecture simplifies management with increased visibility, data-driven task allocation, and adjustable project planning.

Smart ERP software helps the client automate critical, everyday processes, and enhance productivity and satisfaction as employees are better able to see how each functional group contributes to the mission and vision of the company.

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14  experts (Project Manager, 2 Business Analysts, 5 QA Engineers, 6 PHP Developers)


Tech Stack:

Laravel, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Zend

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