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Business Overview

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Business Overview

The client is a global company that provides outstaffing employee management services and software for large enterprises. Their existing platform wasn’t scalable enough for a growing number of users, so the company faced the need to reinvent the existing solution.

NIX United was chosen as a proven software partner to develop a holistic multi-functional SaaS staff management system that would automate enterprise processes and enhance workflow. It had to be a multi-functional system, covering the needs of all stakeholders in the workforce ecosystem—including HR, procurement leaders, managers, workers, and suppliers.

Project Scope

The staff management system should process vast amounts of data daily and had to be scalable enough to support multi-tenancy.

The system should provide rich functionality to perform three main tasks:

Search for and recruit new staff

Process invoices for completed work and manage the employee’s reports

Provide 24/7 support for all user roles


The NIX United team created a comprehensive and scalable SaaS system for efficient staff management, able to process rapidly large volumes of data coming from different sources. The sophisticated branched UI allows users to customize 90% of the application’s features based on each individual customer’s needs.

SaaS platform functionality can be divided into three primary sections:

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    System for Managed Services

    It provides instruments to efficiently work with a vast supplier network to source the best talent and provides capabilities for centralized management, automated candidate monitoring, and remote support.

    Since the information comes from numerous candidate selection services or is uploaded by candidates themselves, we needed to standardize data input from third-party sources for more efficient data processing. NIX engineers developed a custom machine learning algorithm that would parse data in different formats and convert them into one standard format for further processing and management.

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    Third-party Payroll

    It allows performing employee pay, calculating payroll taxes, and withholding social security and pension contributions.

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    Contractor Compliance Filtering

    The system allows meeting employee compliance requirements securely, supporting companies to help differentiate their offers by setting qualifications at the right level and delivering credible assessments.



The client now has a scalable and robust SaaS platform that is highly configurable and satisfies the needs of even the most demanding clients, providing efficient ways for automation and enhancing the way outstaffing is done.

The platform helps to increase visibility and simplify search, recruitment, and payment processes for small businesses and large corporations, as well as bring all these activities to one place. In turn, recruiters can compete within the application, offering the hiring company the most profitable conditions.

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53 experts (4 Business Analysts, 43 QA Engineers, 3 QA Automaton Engineers, 2 DevOps)

Tech Stack:

JavaScript, Confluence, Jira, Jenkins, Selenium


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