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Business Overview

Our client is a SaaS blockchain-based platform that offers B2B companies the ability to mirror their paper document exchange in digital space—sending, receiving, and signing all types of valuable documents used in trade and finance supply chains such as bills, certificates, invoices, and much more.

Initially, each company that wanted to use this platform underwent a complex and long onboarding, including a background check, to verify that the organization was trustworthy, reliable, and legitimate. The client originally performed user onboarding manually, offline, which was unprofitable, laborious, and time-consuming. They decided to streamline the process by partially automating it and moving the registration online. To this end, the client turned to us for professional help, choosing NIX due to our extensive multi-year experience in software development and professional end-to-end approach.

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Project Scope

Our goal was to develop a system fully covering the user registration process, which included the following tasks:


Development of a web platform to automate the onboarding process


Creation of a reliable system architecture with emphasis on data security


Building a future-proof system to facilitate upcoming platform enhancements



We created a web platform based on microservice architecture and integrated the system with the client’s product for working with eDocuments online. For each registered company, we set up a dedicated workspace in which its employees can deal with data in a secure manner.


Onboarding System Components

The system consists of several AWS-based serverless components:

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    Portal processes user data and integrates with the Salesforce CRM, where the client keeps customer records. We developed this component from scratch using the FastAPI Python framework and various AWS products for mailing, queue management, running background tasks, and more. It receives and sends customer-related information and initiates the creation of new users in the onboarding system.

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    Identity Broker is responsible for user registration, authorization, and management. We created this component through the AWS Cognito service and customized it to fit the project’s needs. We also provided a simple sign-on approach, streamlining the authorization process.

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    CloudFront Guard validates incoming requests. With the AWS-based CloudFront Guard, only users with verified tokens get access to system content. This way, we ensure a secure user flow.

Registration Flow

We built two onboarding flows: in the first case, business owners can register their companies in the system through the portal themselves. In the second case, it is our client who creates an account for a specific B2B organization using the Salesforce CRM system.

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    Registration via Web Platform:

    • The business owner uses the form on the web platform to enter full information about the company and the domain in which it operates.
    • The web platform sends the data to the Salesforce CRM. If the company meets the criteria set, Salesforce sends approved information back to the onboarding system and creates a new user.
    • Next, the onboarding system initiates virtual machine deployment and sets up the infrastructure for building a secure eDocument space where employees of a newly registered company can process their paper flow.
    • To get into the created space, the business owner must log in through the main platform page using credentials. The owner can also add other users—company employees—to this space and manage their access to the system content.
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    Registration via the Salesforce CRM system:

    • Our client sends data about the company to the Salesforce CRM, and Salesforce triggers the web platform to register a new user.
    • After registration, a secure space is created, and our client provides access to it to the company owner who can log in with the indicated credentials and start using the eDocument space.



This convenient web platform automated and simplified the user onboarding process, which allowed our client to focus on higher-value business tasks. User experience has also improved, as companies can now self-register in the client’s system and work with eDocument data in a more controlled and secure way.  

The client has plans to further develop and scale the web platform with our professional help, optimizing various business operations.



8 experts (PM, BA, QA engineer, backend tech leader, backend developer, frontend developer, UI/UX designer, markup specialist)

Tech stack

Python, AWS, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, JS/UI, React, FastAPI, OAuth2


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