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Business Overview


Business Overview

The client is a retailer of brand shoes, clothes, accessories, and cosmetics of the world’s leading brands for the whole family. The company leverages an omnichannel marketplace represented by a website and a mobile app, along with a network of offline stores from 150+ outlets in Western Europe. 

The company switched its primary focus to online sales due to COVID-19 restrictions. As a result, the client increased the level of online sales by 61% in the middle of 2021, reaching a 70% share of mobile traffic on the website. To increase its market expansion, the retailer updated their mobile app in May 2022 and needed further promotion for it. For this, the client reached out to NIX as an experienced digital marketing vendor to attract users to the app and encourage them to make regular in-app purchases.


Project Scope

NIX’s goal was to maximize in-app sales during summer and autumn sales via app store optimization (ASO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 



App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Our purpose in ASO activities was to drive more app downloads by improving app visibility and recognition in the Apple and Google app stores.

NIX experts conducted a competitor analysis to find growth opportunities, make visuals compelling, and stand out among similar apps. Assessment of the current app state resulted in building a detailed action plan and implementing the following changes—our experts filled metadata based on keywords frequency and expanded the semantic core.


The results of ASO adoption were as follows:

  • Increased organic app downloads by 29% for the App Store and 12% for Google Play
  • Raised conversion rates from 3% to 6%
  • Top 1 and top 3 ranking for main product queries
  • Top 10 ranking for high-frequency keywords «shoes», «sale of clothes», «shoes store»
  • Top 20 ranking instead of top 50 for the queries «clothing» and «apparel»

PPC Activities for Summer & Autumn Sales

PPC Activities for Summer & Autumn Sales

PPC activities enabled the quick casting of a wide net of users to find new prospects and lead them to the client’s app. We launched advertising campaigns on traffic-generating platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Apple Search Ads Advanced to drive more app installs and in-app conversions, taking the following steps:

summer sale
  • Our experts configured Firebase and AppsFlyer analytics systems to measure the effectiveness of paid traffic activities.
  • Announcing the summer sale, we launched ad campaigns on Google and Facebook, focusing on app installations and in-app purchases along with promoting special summer offers. We started with small budgets as a test—30% of what was planned in the media plan. Our experts created appealing visuals with profitable offers to encourage people to install the app—ad campaigns learned fast and provided installs 2.7 times cheaper than laid out in the plan.
  • After the summer sale, the app’s price began to rise but still was lower than laid out in the budget. To focus on in-app purchases, we utilized the budget set initially in the media plan, additionally launching Universal App Campaigns (UAC) on Google and optimizing the event in the app: adding to the cart. Due to not enough orders provided by ad attribution, adding to the cart was chosen as the main pre-targeted action. Creatives with summer sale offerings were replaced with a number of category banners.
  • We set up cost-per-action (CPA) campaigns on Facebook aimed at users adding items to carts. The required number of target actions needed for further campaign training was reached within three days, thus, we received cheap conversions almost immediately.

PPC Activities for Black Friday


PPC Activities for Black Friday

Black Friday activities involved the following actions:

  • We increased media activity and the budget of regular ad campaigns to maximize the number of installs and purchases from the app before Black Friday.
  • We added creatives that promote sales of branded products, driving users towards purchasing products retailed by the client.
  • Our team launched targeting look-alike audiences based on audiences who have already bought from the retailer, setting up purchase, install, and add-to-cart conversions. We launched static remarketing campaigns targeting people who have already interacted with the client’s company.

Black Friday app promotion resulted in campaigns generating 80% more revenue than in October with a budget growth of 44%.


The NIX team helped the client generate more sales, enhancing their app’s visibility, attracting new prospects, and maximizing revenue while maintaining costs almost at the same level.

ASO and PPC activities conducted in five months ensured the following results:

  • The number of installations increased by 29% for the App Store and 12% for Google Play.
  • The number of downloads increased by 3.5 times, climbing above 100k+ downloads.
  • The app doubled its sales compared to the same period last year.
  • The income plan for the PPC channel was overfullfield by 12%.


5 experts (ASO Expert, 2 Mobile User Acquisition Specialists, 1 Mobile Application Analytics Manager, Marketing Project Manager)

Tech Stack:

Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, Google Firebase, AppsFlyer


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