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Business Overview

Business Overview

The client is an Australian solar installation and maintenance company that operates in three states and comprises 50+ employees providing energy-efficient solar panels, battery systems, and related equipment for residential and commercial properties. The client used a company website, social media, and the word of mouth to receive customers—leads were generated through paid advertising on Google and Facebook, draining big budgets for bringing leads, and a part of orders came by referrals of the past customers. A small share of buyers were attracted through the website via organic traffic. 

The client contacted the NIX team with a request to implement SEO for the company website and optimize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, thereby making lead generation more efficient.

Business Overview


The challenge lay in the specifics of the solar industry being a highly-competitive landscape in Australia—products and services have a hefty cost when the sales cycle is extended in time. We had to boost the efficiency of PPC campaigns while maintaining high conversion rates with a simultaneous reduction of spending by 30%, and develop the website’s SEO from scratch. The ultimate goal was to increase return on marketing investment (ROMI) by 30%, taking into account all niche features.


To get an accurate picture of the existing marketing efforts and starting SEO positions, the NIX team made a full audit of the website’s performance, digital channels the company had presence on, and competitive players in the client’s niche. Our experts summarized the input and introduced forward strategies and follow-up plans for bolstering underperforming areas.

SEO Activities

SEO Activities

The audit affirmed the fact the company did not use the website’s capabilities to their fullest, losing points in the long run. The website structure was weak, organic traffic was low, and in search results the site appeared on the bottom of the 2nd page, when website visibility was 3%. The SEO implementation goals to achieve were:

SEO Activities

SEO Goals

Make the site appear at the top of the first page of search results within two months 

Increase organic traffic by 2.5 times within three months—from 660 to 1.6k users

Grow site visibility 10 times—from 3% to 30%


Website structure optimization

A well-organized website structure raises the indexing speed and elevates ranking on Google pages. For this, the NIX team applied the following steps:

  • For expanding the target audience, we collected keywords for semantic core which most accurately described what the client’s business was all about.
  • Created landing pages for missing equipment and services implementing relevant search phrases intended to grow organic traffic.
  • Filters were added for better navigation—assortment, solutions for residential and commercial customers, services, etc.
  • The team updated and expanded the XML sitemap, a list of all website links, their connections, and interaction rules with Google, helping search engines in on-time website indexing.


We implemented web page microdata to catch searchers’ attention and make robots recognize content correctly. This allowed us to create extended snippets giving brief details about company location, services, and solar equipment at a glance on the search page.


Technical optimization

Technical optimization allowed us to find the website’s weak points and implemented guidelines for its ranking optimization. The scope included processing of page speed, internal linking, crawl depth, page canonicalization, URL structure, etc. 


Off-page and on-page optimization

To upturn the search engine ranking, increase domain authority, and grow user reach and organic traffic, NIX experts did the following:

  • Analyzed competitors’ backlink profiles—we selected credible donor websites and found additional ones to outrun rivals on this stage.
  • Built the content line based on the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT) in the solar industry. Google evaluated unique expert content as qualitative.
  • Created off-page guidelines with detailed records about content requirements, meta descriptions, media posting, publishing dynamics, unlinked brand mentions, etc.

SEO Results

SEO Results

  • The site appeared at the top of the first page of search results for major keywords in two months after the start of SEO implementation
  • Site visibility increased from 3% to 34% within three months
  • Organic traffic increased by 300% in three months—from 660 to almost 2k visits from April to June 2020
  • Organic traffic reached almost 7k visits, a 1000% growth of organic traffic within 10 months.
SEO Results

PPC Activities

PPC Activities

PPC Activities

The audit highlighted the reasons for a large budget drain on PPC advertisements—the potential of advertising placements wasn’t fully realized, ad structure needed enhancement, and remarketing was not used, despite being a must-have for this type of business. Our objectives when enhancing paid campaigns were to:

PPC Goals

Empower ad campaign performance to increase ROMI by 30%

Cheapen lead generation—decrease cost per acquisition (CPA) by 40%

Decrease cost-per-click (CPC) by 25%

Obtain click-through rate (CTR) of 10%, as an indicator of ad’s relevance for searchers and a component of ad rank

Advertising in Google

The NIX team used a complex approach to maximize Google Ads results which included:


Structure of advertising campaigns

The audit showed that advertising attracted a lot of irrelevant traffic due to the chosen ad structure—single keyword ad groups with broad match type for keywords. To enhance the ad frame and stimulate higher CTR, we resorted to the following steps:

  • We enhanced semantic core by creating a branched system of keyword groups for all topic-specific targeted queries to attract traffic and flexibly customize the target audience.
  • Negative keywords and cross-group negatives were used to exclude unrelated phrases and overlays from campaigns to avoid wasted spending.
  • Ads led to landing pages instead of a home page, featuring relevant content with commercial intent and improved UI/UX design to provide better user experience and higher conversion rates.
  • Advertising extensions allowed us to make the company’s contact information, like location and call buttons, easily accessible and engaging—users could immediately address the company without any extra steps. Google discerned this information as trustful, resulting in higher rankings.

Bidding strategy

To run ads at the top of search page results, the NIX experts launched manual CPC bidding controlling each spending instead of pricey automatic bidding. When Google Ads algorithms got strong reference points to follow, we turned back to automatic bidding, now capable of generating a qualitative audience for lower CPA by itself.


Remarketing campaigns

Our team set up remarketing campaigns—an efficient lead generation tool showing ads to audiences that had already taken an interest in the company. Deal closing in the solar niche is stretched out in time, requiring a couple of weeks on average. Hence it was a part of the PPC strategy to remind users about the company and eventually persuade them to purchase the client’s services. Remarketing audiences were created based on accurate contextual targeting, frequency capping, and customer journey. As a result, ROMI went up—the quantity of filled-out contact forms on the site, which was our target action, increased by 25%.



Brand advertising

Brand advertising was used as one of the ways to improve search results by the company name—to put the company on the top of the first search page instead of being on the bottom of the second page due to absent website SEO in the beginning. Brand advertising also boosted users’ recognition, credibility, and awareness for increasing sales in a long-term perspective.

Advertising in Facebook

The NIX team analyzed campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager and resolved to the following changes:


Campaign objective

Formerly-used “Traffic” objective served ads to the audience most likely to click on an ad which was not our target action of site form filling, which made lead generation time consuming and expensive. We changed the objective to a “Conversion” campaign aimed to show ads to people most likely to request a contact through the site.


Retargeting campaigns

Our experts set up retargeting campaigns, meant to reconnect with users already familiar with the client’s website and social media. Retargeting was tuned to these audiences:

  • Custom audiences were used to reach people who had already expressed interest in the company.
  • Lookalike audiences helped automatically generate new high-quality leads based on characteristics, behavior, and interests of existing custom audiences we provided to Facebook—lists of our customers and converted leads.

Retargeting audiences ensured much better results than cold audiences, and successful campaigns are useful for teaching Facebook algorithms to find similar audiences by itself.


A/B testing

A/B testing was used to run marketing experiments, compare KPIs, and find solutions providing better results for a lower price. The team tested ad creatives, audiences, headlines, call-to-actions (CTAs), and placements within equal budgets.


Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)

We added UTM codes to ads’ parameters to identify where visitors came from to track the most successful ad campaigns.

PPC Advertising Results

PPC Advertising Results

  • Most irrelevant traffic was excluded—the quantity of users decreased by 61%
  • General PPC expenses reduced by 45%
  • Cost per goal conversion decreased by 49%
  • Quantity of conversions increased by 25%
  • CTR grew up from 4% to 11%
PPC Advertising Results


With our help, the client accomplished their main goal—receiving a stable source of quality lead generation for half the price and generating extra leads inside the budget. Our expertise and the complex approach to SEO and PPC activities prevented the company’s budget from inefficient spending and helped the client to get more leads generating more income for further business development. The NIX team accomplished all the stated PPC and SEO goals with the following results:   

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    ROMI reached 54% instead of stated 30%—the client had never managed to achieve such a high rate before

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    Lead generation became 2x times cheaper—it reached almost 50% instead of the stated 40%

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    Quality Score of ads grew from 5-7 points to 8-10 points

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    CPC decreased by 27% instead of the planned 20%

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    Site visibility increased from 3% to 34% instead of stated 30% within three months—now the website places at the top of search results.

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    Organic traffic grew from 660 to 6.9k users for 10 months which equals 10x traffic growth over the baseline.

Now the website and paid advertising campaigns bring a double amount of leads for the client, letting them expand their business at a new accelerated pace.


2 SEO experts, 2 PPC experts

Tech Stack:

SEO: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google  Search Console, Google Optimize, Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Similarweb, Ahrefs, Mindmeister, Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner

PPC: Google Ads, Google Ads Editor, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Merchant Center, Serpstat, Key Collector

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