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Business Overview


Business Overview

Our client is a global e-clinical solutions provider aimed to bring innovations to the healthcare sector and drive better patient-centric outcomes. One of the company’s products is a web platform for healthcare organizations designed to help them conduct and manage various clinical trials.

The client faced the challenge of integrating this platform with a similar mobile app meant to further simplify the work with trial results. Since the web system was based on outdated technology, it was incompatible with the application and unable to provide it with all the necessary data.

The client turned to NIX to find an efficient solution that would allow setting up smooth and seamless communication between the web platform and mobile application, as well as other products that may appear later.

Project Scope

Within the project scope, we needed to perform the following:

  • 1

    Create an intermediary between the client’s existing system and the mobile application to help them exchange data.

  • 2

    Develop a solution for monitoring and detecting system malfunctions.



After analyzing all the requirements, we chose Mulesoft as an intermediary—a leading iPaaS integration platform that offers ready-to-use functionality, streamlining development and deployment processes with a low-code approach. This solution would help seamlessly integrate the main legacy system with the mobile app or any future product.

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Data Integration

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Data Integration

Using Mulesoft, we developed a separate backend service that collects data from various sources of the main system, such as:

  • Web platform’s databases
  • Existing APIs incompatible with mobile technologies
  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), since some legacy services could only work through this protocol

After processing, the backend service passes the data to the mobile application.

Monitoring System

Our solution included a special notification service intended to monitor for malfunctions in the system and, when detected, send emails about a problem to specified experts.

Mulesoft’s built-in functionality was utilized to transmit these error notifications via queues. The result was smoother system operation and less downtime.


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NIX developed a fully functioning system with seamlessly integrated components, which allowed the client to take their solution to the next level, providing end-customers more control over clinical trials and ensuring a better user experience.

The delivered service is secure, future-proof, and scalable. As requested by the client, it can be easily applied to other similar products to help them run like clockwork.


11 experts (Project Manager, 4 Java Developers,2 .NET Developers, 4 QA Engineers)

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