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Business Overview

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Business Overview

The client is a large enterprise with about 2,000 employees and several offices, offering services for small and mid-sized companies, regarding insurance endorsement. The need was in a co-working space management app that will allow booking a room in two clicks on any floor/building.

The client had a web version that required an update and approached NIX to create an iOS/Android application enabling fast and easy-to-use booking by selecting free rooms for a specified period.

Project Scope


Enable instant restore of the application


Create a custom UI design adjusted for all platforms


Ensure synchronization among web, iOS and Android versions of the app



Since the client needed the application for iOS and Android with minimal cost expenses, we proposed a cross-platform solution that will cover both the client’s and users’ needs. For this matter, the team used Flutter to create a mobile application and update the web from a single codebase. It allowed constantly synchronizing incoming data between all platforms. Furthermore, we employed architecture Redux to provide instant restore on the app resume.

As a result, the NIX team developed an application that has a web and iOS/Android versions with the most kicking features:

  • Book a room in two clicks
  • Choose a room according to selected equipment (TV, Polycom, projector), room sizes and time/duration (15m, 30m, 1h, etc)
  • Receive the notification of your upcoming reservation on your mobile phone
  • Add or edit a team list and quickly select a group of people to send the e-mail appointment
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Also, the app allows the user to:

  • Manage current and next bookings
  • Choose recurring bookings – for example, every Monday at 10 a.m
  • Set and update permissions, provide access to other users
  • Select a preferred floor/building – the system will show the chosen location at the top of the sort list
  • Use offline mode when using the mobile app
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After two months, the client received a multifunctional booking and scheduling software for co-working spaces. Now all personnel can use the application in real-time and arrange meetings on the go. 

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7 experts (Project Manager, Business Analyst, QA Engineer, 2 Android Developers, UI/UX Designer)

Tech Stack:

Flutter, Dart, Firebase, .NET


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