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Business Overview

Business Overview

Our client, Enterra, is a pioneering Slovak company specializing in innovative agricultural drone services, including spraying, crop monitoring, and plant and soil analysis, which help develop the farming culture with an eco-friendly approach. As an official dealer of DJI Agriculture, Enterra supplies agribusinesses with drones, parts, charging stations, and specialized software, as well as produces products under its own brand.

The company worked only offline for a long time, gaining a deservedly high reputation in the Slovakian farming community. In an effort to further scale business and respond to current trends, one of which is digital transformation, Enterra decided to go online.

To this end, Enterra sought assistance from NIX, asking us to provide an effective solution to increase brand awareness, improve sales of goods and services, and automate the company’s processes. They chose our team because of our proven track record of delivering successful tech projects to companies across domains.



Within the project, our team developed a web platform from scratch to give Enterra a new channel for business growth and boost their profitability. In addition to that, we helped the client automate business processes and transform the company’s IT infrastructure to ensure it covered all their needs.


Web Platform Development

We built a full-fledged website based on WooCommerce from WordPress and deployed it to secure and scalable AWS facilities. We chose WooCommerce as a budget-friendly solution that reduces the time to market and helps optimize development costs. Thanks to that, Enterra was able to go online in a short time without wasting any extra resources.

Enterra Web Platform: Core Components

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    Enterra is primarily an easy-to-use online store with a smart product filtering system to help customers choose the right equipment and suitable components for it.

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    Marketing support

    Enterra’s website helps the client with marketing tasks using email newsletters and reminders about abandoned carts, offering customers related goods, and providing other relevant up-sale and cross-sale features.

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    Personal account

    Registered customers have an easy-to-use personal page that allows them to track orders and see their history with Enterra.

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    Loyalty programs

    Enterra simplifies working with loyalty programs by providing the opportunity to give regular customers certain bonuses and special offers.

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    Enterra’s website offers the opportunity to learn more about the company’s services and order each one with a few clicks.

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    To keep customers updated, Enterra runs a blog about tech innovations in the agricultural industry and shares their own practical experience with these new developments.

AWS-powered System Modernization

AWS-powered System Modernization

We utilized Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) for efficient email distribution, allowing Enterra to facilitate robust customer communication. Amazon S3 was employed for the durable storage of backups and data volumes, ensuring that the client’s data is secure and easily retrievable.

NIX experts also implemented reserved EC2 instances within auto-scaling groups to host the servers, optimizing resource usage and helping the infrastructure automatically adjust based on demand. For enhanced security, we integrated AWS Key Management Service (KMS), which encrypts sensitive data, providing robust protection and compliance with industry standards.

This comprehensive setup not only modernized Enterra’s IT infrastructure and automated workflows but also aligned with their business objectives thanks to a secure, scalable, and cost-efficient environment tailored to their needs.

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UI/UX Design

To ensure a seamless user journey across Enterra’s web pages, we developed an intuitive web interface focusing on a smooth, user-centric shopping experience. Our custom design conveys the company’s eco-orientation, keeps customers engaged, and maximizes sales through additional marketing-tailored elements, such as incentive pop-ups.

Infrastructure Integration & Customization

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Infrastructure Integration & Customization

The NIX team helped Enterra build the company’s infrastructure and customize it to their needs. We chose Offeris as the ERP, a smart information solution that offers all the necessary features and automates key business operations. With Offeris, Enterra has access to efficient order management, secure invoice processing, and reliable data storage about customers, payments, orders, goods, and more.

To synchronize and optimize the company’s data and processes, we integrated Offeris with the website and Mailchimp, an email marketing service. As a result, Enterra became a well-coordinated, coherent system that works as a unified unit, allowing the client to run their business in a more efficient way.



Thanks to our fruitful collaboration, Enterra has started a successful digital business transformation and received new opportunities for further growth. Other benefits include enhanced customer experience, increased revenue, and better brand loyalty through a more engaged audience.

Our ongoing partnership ensures the website remains a dynamic platform that continuously adapts to Enterra’s evolving needs. With 24/7 support, we empower Enterra to stay competitive and thrive in the digital landscape.

Device - Macbook Pro (2)


6 Experts (Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, 2 Frontend Developers, PHP Developer, QA Engineer)

Tech Stack:

JavaScript, AWS, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, WooCommerce

Everything is great! NIX delivered a working e-commerce on time and led a communicative process with a prompt solution for our inquiries. The team’s professionalism was also key to the engagement’s success.

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