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Business Overview

FITHOOD is a dynamic company in the wellness and fitness industry with networks of hubs that aim to build community by empowering both trainers and trainees to achieve their fitness goals within a supportive sports ecosystem. FITHOOD establishes B2B and B2C connections, enabling trainers to book spaces for their classes and trainees to schedule, book, and pay for sessions with trainers.

To manage their customers, FITHOOD previously used an outdated internal panel and manual administrative work. To modernize operations, the client partnered with external teams to develop a cross-platform application designed to digitize their workflow, making the management of fitness classes easy, intuitive, and fast.

However, despite the ongoing development efforts, the client encountered a pressing challenge in completing and launching the planned mobile application. Because of this, FITHOOD approached NIX as a trusted vendor to develop a cross-platform app and additionally modernize existing back office software.



FITHOOD faced substantial challenges in ensuring the timely delivery of a fully functional mobile application. It entailed significant consequences such as delayed product launch, overburdened administrative processes, and problems with securing continued investor support.


We started with evaluations of the existing business concept and architecture of the mobile app while crafting a strategic roadmap for our enhancements. The initial architecture of the back office looked like a patchwork quilt rather than a complete system, making modernization difficult and becoming a bottleneck for the business. This resulted in a situation when the client’s employees were smothered with manual administrative processes, leading to significant expenses.

After a thorough analysis, we decided that a cost-effective and less time-consuming solution would be a total redesign of the back office from scratch. Our experts started development using Angular and .NET, and successfully deployed the final system on the Google Cloud Platform.


In order to address the dynamic business requirements, our team undertook a comprehensive refactoring of the existing mobile app.

By leveraging the capabilities of React Native, they significantly expanded and restructured both the architecture and functionality of the app, and ensured its superior performance and long-term maintainability.

Ultimately, NIX succeeded in launching a user-friendly application on time and within a tight deadline, providing the client with ongoing support and ensuring the continued success of the digital transformation.

Through our detailed, step-by-step plan for technical and business logic enhancements, we ensured that the final app delivers the most value to users. We managed to implement a wide range of features:

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    Hub Maintenance

    A robust maintenance system that seamlessly integrates the local payment system, TRANZILA, across all versions: mobile app and the back office.

  • 02

    Calendar Enhancement

    This feature provides a visual representation of previously booked slots by other users directly within the calendar and allows them to schedule their sessions with greater visibility and convenience.

  • 03

    Elevated Security

    Migration of key configurations from on-premise to Google Cloud Secret Manager significantly improved the system’s security.

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    Reforging the Front End and Back End

    Previously, many features were embedded within the front end, creating a complex and cumbersome application structure. Separating the front end and back end also allowed us to fix issues and update features without constantly releasing new versions of the application.

  • 05

    Internal Payment Programs

    Including subscription models, discount voucher programs, and commitment-based plans for a range of customer preferences.

  • 06

    Deep Linking Functionality

    A feature that creates URLs directing users to a certain place within the app. It improved the final app navigation.

  • 07

    Comprehensive Data Analytics Framework

    Including Facebook analytics (user demographic, ad campaign, audience engagement), custom events, and revenue reporting. As a result, FITHOOD, along with trainers, can monitor their income streams.


As a result of our contribution, FITHOOD, empowered by a robust and modernized back office system, successfully launched a mobile application and achieved a smooth digital transformation. It helped the client’s business automate previously manual administrative tasks, gain significant scalability, and optimize processes more productively and efficiently. NIX’s team also facilitated the seamless migration of customer data, bookings, and payment systems to a digital platform, resulting in significant long-term cost reductions for the client.


Key Outcomes

  • Improved engagement: 1800+ downloads in Play Market and App Store and 1200+ users in the app just after launch
  • Digital customer management: Enhanced organization and security through digital migration
  • Streamlined workflows and enhanced operational efficiency: Automated and digitized administration operations free up valuable time and resources
  • Cost savings: By digitizing processes, FITHOOD was able to cut expenses in the long run

“NIX led professional project manager, offered status updates, and communicated effectively. They were fully dedicated in time and heart to the project”

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Matty Ben-Shoshan Levy

User Experience at FITHOOD


7 experts (Project Manager, iOS Developer, 2 QA Engineers, Business Analyst .NET Developer)

Tech Stack:

React Native, C#, redux, Google Cloud, Angular, TypeScript, EntityFramework, Firebase, Swagger, .NET, Hangfire, Twilio, TRANZILA integration, Greeninvoice Invoice integrations, RTK Query


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