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Cengage is a global education and technology company built for learners. The company operates in 20 countries, has employees in 38, and sells in more than 125 countries. Cengage products and services empower over one billion learners with innovative digital learning experience around the world.


MindTap is a flagship product of Cengage, mainly purchased by universities and their departments all over the world. It’s a platform for digital education that enriches the education process, with rich and customized content options, vast testing capabilities, and market-leading pedagogy methods. The MindTap platform, along with other products in the Cengage portfolio, offers powerful features such as analytics, assessment capabilities, and options for adaptive learning.


MindTap faced talent issues when they needed help developing and scaling their system.
The US software engineering market was extremely competitive, and it was hard to hire qualified engineers fast enough in the company’s key locations. It was also a lot more expensive to use local resources. Cengage previously collaborated with other engineering outsourcing companies, but experienced issues with suitable talent and lack of effective team collaboration.

Conversely, NIX had been collaborating with Cengage for a few years and proved itself as a reliable outsourcing partner. One of Cengage’s critical conditions was the ability to create collaborative teams consisting of domestic and offshore resources.

As a result of constructive teamwork, we were able to improve platform scaling and strengthen production support practices including triage and bug fixes.



The development process couldn’t be interrupted, so we had to dive deep into the project and make an impact within a short period of time.


The team consisted of a QA team in India, the NIX development team in Ukraine, and the onsite development team in the USA. We had to cooperate with both sites effectively while taking into consideration significant time zone differences.



The work process began almost immediately, and the client’s team was impressed by how quickly NIX engineers onboarded and became productive.

The NIX engineering team demonstrated superior tech skills and an ability to adjust to a new environment while providing quick results. The NIX team was able to create effective communication loops with both US and India based teammates and became an intermediary between the QA and the US-based engineering resources.

I expected to see a ramp-up of at least 2-3 months, and they became fully productive and active members of the team only after 2-3 weeks.

Mentioned Steve Berardelli,
Sr. Director of Engineering for MindTap.



The team eliminated duplicate sources and modified the data structure to ensure fast processing.


We reduced the number of data-intensive loops and logic migrations to the local state of components, which helped to avoid unnecessary re-drawings. Also, we ensured smart rendering that allowed the display of user-required information only.


The team detected problem areas in the codebase—data not collected by the garbage collector—and performed refactoring.

Moreover, we restructured our teams—instead of four distributed teams we formed separate squads within each team with their independent scope of work. It allowed us to
enhance work efficiency due to better workload distribution.



According to the engineering director of MindTap, the NIX team raised the bar of quality for their US-based team and produced a high quality of code at a great speed.

Since the early beginning of our engagement with Cengage, we succeeded in gaining the client’s trust by demonstrating our technical expertise and high performance. At the request of Cengage, we also steadily trained new experts on our side to be ready to join the project at any time.

Working side by side with the client’s team, we proved that distributed teamwork could be efficient, fast, and fun for all. Here are some main outcomes of our joint work:


During our collaboration, the platform reached the highest figures – almost 200,000 users in a month, 1,106,603 unique sessions, and 20,845 courses.


We enhanced communication among three sites—our team in Ukraine, QA vendors in India, and the onshore resources in the US. Working closely together with the Indian QA team and facilitating communication between them and Cengage, we helped the client to set up a strong collaboration strategy, which optimized Cengage’s involvement in multiple process steps.


Due to our robust training and onboarding processes, the client experienced no loss of productivity or decreased velocity during the introductions of new team members. NIX took ownership of helping all new team members through learning curves seamlessly and timely.


Over the past year, the process of content development and course construction on the MindTap platform became simpler and more user-centric and we are proud that the NIX
team was a big part of this success. Now more than 50% of the MindTap development team are NIX employees. With NIX earning a reputation as a trusted partner, the Cengage team was able to focus its resources on much more value-added business activities and priorities.

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