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Business Overview

Montel is a European leader in energy market news and data analytics intelligence that provides web-based subscription tools and insights to help energy sector stakeholders track energy markets and predict future trends.

Montel required a new free-of-charge mobile app to provide energy market stakeholders with simple to understand insights into the financial and environmental impact of energy usage, promoting its market-leading subscription tools.

Montel had previously developed a prototype mobile app to provide a free-of-charge sample of its data analytics portfolio to assist with its marketing activities. The prototype app performance had limited functionality and an outdated design which affected user experience. Montel, therefore, sought a strategic partnership with NIX, a proven mobile app development company. They aimed to expand the app’s functionality and create a modern, user-friendly design.



After closely examining the prototype app’s original code and design structure, our iOS engineers advocated for a complete overhaul. This new iteration would boost app performance and ensure a smooth user experience. Moreover, it would leverage cutting-edge design trends and incorporate features like interactive dashboards and real-time data insights by country to deliver a superior user experience.

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Given that the Montel Energy Viewer app is focused on data insights through charts and dashboards, we opted for SwiftUI as the UI framework and developed a PoC to check feasibility. The results of this stage were successful, and we proceeded to a complete front-end redesign of the whole app.

This strategic choice aligns perfectly with Apple’s cutting-edge development practices and ensures a future-proof application. SwiftUI’s native support for charts and dashboards eliminates the need for third-party solutions used in UIKit, leading to faster development, and lower costs not only for the development process but also for future maintenance. As Apple actively invests in SwiftUI and its community flourishes, this framework allows for long-term relevance and support, aligning perfectly with the needs of a business application.

Using SwiftUI for our iOS app was a game-changer. It made building sophisticated and beautiful charts a breeze. The framework’s powerful tools and smooth integration helped our team bring complex features to life quickly and easily.

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Jane Bondar

Mobile Development Lead

Furthermore, the Montel Energy Viewer app leverages the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture for a clean and scalable codebase, facilitating future enhancements. To empower clear data visualization, we integrated the native Charts framework. This combination of technologies fosters a user-centric application that prioritizes intuitive navigation and clear data visualization.

Charts for Energy Landscape Insights

The SwiftUI-redesigned application with easy-to-use navigation provides comprehensive insights into the financial and environmental impact of energy usage. To provide a superior user experience, we integrated interactive analytics, real-time insights by country with detailed energy consumption statistics.

  • Daily Forecast
    Unveils upcoming fuel mix, leveraging data and models for informed energy planning.
  • Hourly Breakdown
    Allows for diving deeper with an interactive chart showing hourly fuel mix fluctuations based on renewables, availability, prices, and demand.
  • Power and CO2
    Predicts daily trends in power prices and CO2 intensity levels, with clear bar charts and a detailed line graph.
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By strategically adopting SwiftUI, NIX provided the client with a redesigned app with advanced functionality that empowers users with a superior experience, enables trend capturing, and allows Montel to demonstrate a sample of its data as the leading market provider of energy data analytics. Moreover, it ensures the Montel Energy Viewer app’s long-term evolution and relevance in the ever-changing mobile landscape.

Montel Energy Viewer App Key Benefits

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Custom Dashboards

Actionable insights allow users to conduct deeper analysis and personalize the experience by tailoring data visualization to their specific needs.

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Streamlined Efficiency

Improved navigation and data visualization save users valuable time and effort.

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Reduced Costs

SwiftUI fosters faster development and easier maintenance, lowering costs.

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Elevated Brand

Modern design and advanced features solidify Montel’s leadership in the energy data analytics market.


7 experts (Project Manager, Business Analyst, QA Engineer, 2 iOS Developers, Android Developer, UI/UX Designer)


Tech Stack:

SwiftUI, Swift, Swift Concurrency


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